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  1. One month on...

    Nice muscles kid
  2. One month on...

    I'm not really a thread creator, but the replies to this give me so much joy. It was my first one so will always be special, but seeing how thst feeling only grows over time and over more visits. It's like a mahoooosive super far extended family meet up. I'm counting down till the next one, aiming to be a 33 year old campervanner for 2019
  3. One month on...

    Every time I hear certain bands I'm getting crazy emotions. It's utterly astounding the effect 5/6 days in a field can have. Where I live, I'm surrounded by fields and mountains, farms, no pyramid stage though, guess it shows how much difference 200000 people with a positive mindset can make
  4. One month on...

    I miss Glastonbury and it's people's
  5. One month on...

    I went with my partner too, both our first Glastonbury and my first ever festival. A good few times I became completely overwhelmed by the size and sheer numbers that were in front and behind and all around me. Everyone completely different but somehow on the same wavelength. I didn't get the don't pee on the land but within hours I'm shouting at people who do. Glastonbury had this phenomenal ability to bring everyone to ground zero. I have never experienced anything like it and I'm so so so glad that my first festival was Glastonbury 17, the one with the awesome weather, 200,000+ people all more mangled than I am. Lawless within those walls. Truly epic. Home
  6. One month on...

    Oh I hope not due to attending, if it was, it most certainly was worth it! I hope you're in a better place of work a month on that understands the pull of the farm
  7. One month on...

    My first and best year so far !!
  8. One month on...

    Aye took the pup up the road to the lake, she's in the corner
  9. One month on...

    A full month has gone by from what was as close to a life-changing experience as I've had. Glastonbury is mental. Beautiful, intoxicating, rewarding, but absolutely and savagely mental. It was my first festival at 31 and I attempted to go like I did when I was 21 and it was great, paid for in so many ways but worth every bit of every thing, but me and my partner living out of a teardrop camper "the bunker" for 6 days without killing each other was a miracle in itself but it's brought us so much closer together. Unreal. See you all in 2019. Stick repping the CVW sticker
  10. Places you never made it to

    Yeah. I thought you meant a pic of the Dragon. My bad
  11. Places you never made it to

  12. Peeing on the land - festival not doing enough

    I was in cvw, the first field you drive in off the lane. Those toilets were spot on as far as field toilets go !
  13. Lovebullets Police Sunday

    We retreated to the peace gardens and permaculture gardens quite a bit from the heavy noise and crowds
  14. Campervans! When did you arrive and where were you put?

    West was great. First Glasto and first cv. Arrived 5 am wed morning and put in bottom left of second field, 30 seconds from water tap. Pretty much split on the toilets but ours seemed to be constantly clean where's the other fields toilets took the brunt of both fields use before entering site. By pure chance we were a couple of rows back from friends and I think we were the noisy ones in our teardrop camper and Prince Philip wheelbarrow Will be cvw for sure next time. In my own camper
  15. Lovebullets Police Sunday

    I walked past them in a full blown ganja suit. Smoking, pretty much screaming search me. Not even a glance, they were there for a specific reason I think.

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