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  1. someone correctly guessed the password to the person helping their live show set up (it was 2017) and got access to stage demos for some of the new material, literally a minute or two of about 5-7 songs, but the guests on the songs match up with that track listing, like danny brown is clearly heard on it as is kelala and grace jones
  2. played like last 3 years in decent slots, doubt it
  3. where are you getting that info from? I saw it on the clashfinder but i swear that's all bollocks and guesswork
  4. I saw this too was just about to post, god I hope so, fiberleaks mentions that the organisers are trying to book bigger names still apparently all 3 of those subs seem too small especially as crystal fighters is 6th down at rock werchter and stormzy is rather new
  5. how do you know announcement is Friday?
  6. will a normal national express work? I'm from somerset so having to go bristol to london to margate on national express
  7. SeeTickets have said its fine and the order won't be cancelled
  8. it's their fault for allowing everyone to access pre sale is it not? probably just saying that to cover their backs you shouldn't have told see, they know now and might act upon it, possibly dobbed us all in there. last time I give anyone a heads up, I can't afford to buy tickets tomorrow so if my ticket gets cancelled because they've been alerted to the issue I'm fucked.
  9. Both Father John Misty and Mac Demarco are massive at the moment, more so than last year's headliners, 2015 was only so big as 10th anniversary, it's defintely bigger than last year so no sign of reining it in
  10. They just got announced for Truck in July so seems they're spending the summer in England
  11. he did a quiet stripped back set last week in London which resulted in loads of young girls pissed stage invading just to take selfies which irritated even him, let alone the rest of us, very cringey stuff
  12. lot of 16 year olds shouting random shit about wanting mac demarco, think the irony was wasted on them
  13. saw him support mac demarco in london last year, proper weird guy, acted like alex turner and bowie's love child and it was just him and this sax guy who looked like an accountant, got a lot of laughs and heckling, could tell it was'nt the right crowd
  14. songs/albums to get into bill callahan? never heard of him until now
  15. seems they thought only giving out the link through Kent press would mean only Kent people would get tickets, there's seems to be no indication the tickets are exclusive to locals as it came through as general admission and I used a Taunton address