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  1. Went through Dice, no worry about crashing and saved myself a fiver
  2. Bagged manc sunday tickets, seetickets crashed at 8.59, can't even imagine how bad Ticketmaster was considering Seetickets is normally the preferable to Ticketmaster
  3. Manc dates, where's this presale we signed up for?
  4. I saw, some pipe dream of mine that they'd have enough time to get to glasto if they play that 4am Sunday shangra la slot
  5. Considering I cant afford their new tour, I'd love it to be qotsa
  6. I did the same, also happened with supposedly fleet foxes artist presale this morning
  7. SIGNEd up to presale it must be tomorrow
  8. That's fair enough but there was More than 4 big songs for the rest of us that encore alone is big hits unless you stopped listening in 1997
  9. what about that 4-6am truth stage secret set on sunday, I know they're playing sunday morning in Canada but surely thats enough time to recover
  10. anyone got an idea how much manchester show is, can only find prices for London?
  11. has anyone who bought through seetickets had an email yet? im concerned
  12. same day as national for me grrr
  13. doesn't bloody stop them, they just play recordings of the new guests sadly
  14. they made me pay for a train instead and ive gotta phone up coach company tomorrow to try and get a refund, rather stressful
  15. lucky sods, we sat on the beach till 7am then had a 7 hour bus back home