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  1. Radiohead The National Royal Blood Alt J Run The Jewels Phoenix Justice Father John Misty Metronomy Goldfrapp Thundercat Glass Animals London Grammar Angel Olson Circa Waves Future Islands Moonlandingz Temples All We Are Declan Mckenna Loyle Carner
  2. Had a similar thing happen, ive religiously stuck to high violet and trouble will find me but boxer and alligator are brilliant having now give them a proper listen
  3. Probably means they don't do enough ket and don't enough punch people down south crowds wise the northern gigs have had some of the worst crowds when it comes to cringey apes chanting Manchester and fighting so depends what you want the crowd I guess
  4. Il be at metronomy they're headlining john peel I think that night
  5. It's your first year at eotr so you cant moan that there are too many oddball pretentious bands this year when it's a festival about oddball bands and every year is oddball bands what previous lineups stand out to you as rock n roll?
  6. Why would you expect rock n roll at eotr, it's not a rock festival
  7. If I'm surrounded by fucking Katy perry and foo fighter fans probably none, always shite when everyone is just waiting for headliner, such a shame theyre not headlining other Saturday
  8. Why would they not have the national sub Radiohead, biffy sub foo and Katy sub ed it seems such a nice fit
  9. Do we have solid proof of where the national are playing now or is just continued optimism or fear
  10. Oh my bad I thought they subbed 1975 as they were on same time as Radiohead but they were third stage
  11. At lollapalooza berlin last year major lazer subbed the other stage whilst Radiohead headlined main so if lolla don't think major lazer is good enough to headline their other stage against Radiohead why would Glastonbury stoop to the level of other festivals especially when reading and leeds are gunna slam major lazer is some stupidly high spot i enjoy dance and electronic stuff but feel proper headline slots should be saved for acts like LCD and justice, not disclosure or major lazer both of which were incredibly boring live, just big dj sets essitentially
  12. If they're playing Friday please god let it be subbing Radiohead, those two are my most prioritised
  13. Fat chance of this happening but would love Anyone's ghost, I got into the National a couple Halloweens ago when spotify released a spooky playlist and for some reason added any song with the word ghost in it and I've been a fan since
  14. As much as I'd prefer it the otherway round, The XX are on home turf and are headlining everywhere atm, shame too as The National have been around a lot longer and imo far better
  15. they're one of the most quiet and illusive bands I swear, their Latitude show last year was so unexpected, as was their glasto date this year