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  1. Glastonbury 2016 - In Retrospect

    still had a great time but 2016 wasn't up there with my best years, the line up wasn't as good for me as in previous years but still plenty too see and do, the mud killed me in the end, just the little things like being able too sit on the grass outside the avalon inn ,getting around stages and areas, it was near impossible to walk in places! .... I'm used to the mud , my last muddy one was 2011... it just makes things harder obviously ! its also the year I've finally finished with the the south east area! way too many people , and getting dangerous imo! the whole "brexit" thing ......... quite a strange atmosphere on the friday ! had more ups than downs though as usual! and i wouldn't want to have been anywhere else! ill be trying sunday morning as normal!
  2. @jasoncundy05 @neilashton_ @talkSPORT how many "sun" journalists used to work on @talkSPORT before the "takeover" from a long time listener

  3. @MENnewsdeskgood nice story and pleased that Irene is recovering .pop up ads telling me how to convert to Islam @ the bottom of the page ???

  4. @glennc_99 @georgiebingham Thomas right up there , froome and Yates at the top off the pelaton .. Good chances definitely!

  5. @suttonnick Alan Cummings !

  6. @StanCollymore that's not good news ! And no mention or thanks on your Twitter feed @talksport ! ? Poor very poor !

  7. StanCollymore ,you played at the highest level Did the manger being on the touch line make a Differance to you ? Or isn't it relevant ?

  8. @MurrayBoxing class in the ring , class outa it ! .. Is there room in your gym for an old en that wants to get fit !? Im near debdale

  9. Reusable pint glasses

    oh! never thought of that!
  10. @MartynMacintyre u disgusting c**t ! It's almost like wishing people dead! ... You'll get wats coming u horrible twat!

  11. @MikeLUHG @United_Webby I have to agree with Mike !

  12. @StephenEHolt anyway.. much prefer style and hype, from an old band of manchester legends than the shite we get nowadays ! I'm old i know !

  13. @therealboon @RadioX one show a week nowadays but still the best !

  14. @guardian @catherineshoard Lost for words !! You took precious time too write that ,I've a feeling you wouldn't be much fun to be around !

  15. @paddypower a bookie getting involved in all that business !, we know who your backing paddy !