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  1. @jasoncundy05 @neilashton_ @talkSPORT how many "sun" journalists used to work on @talkSPORT before the "takeover" from a long time listener

  2. @MENnewsdeskgood nice story and pleased that Irene is recovering .pop up ads telling me how to convert to Islam @ the bottom of the page ???

  3. @glennc_99 @georgiebingham Thomas right up there , froome and Yates at the top off the pelaton .. Good chances definitely!

  4. @suttonnick Alan Cummings !

  5. @StanCollymore that's not good news ! And no mention or thanks on your Twitter feed @talksport ! ? Poor very poor !

  6. StanCollymore ,you played at the highest level Did the manger being on the touch line make a Differance to you ? Or isn't it relevant ?

  7. @MurrayBoxing class in the ring , class outa it ! .. Is there room in your gym for an old en that wants to get fit !? Im near debdale

  8. @MartynMacintyre u disgusting c**t ! It's almost like wishing people dead! ... You'll get wats coming u horrible twat!

  9. @MikeLUHG @United_Webby I have to agree with Mike !

  10. @StephenEHolt anyway.. much prefer style and hype, from an old band of manchester legends than the shite we get nowadays ! I'm old i know !

  11. @therealboon @RadioX one show a week nowadays but still the best !

  12. @guardian @catherineshoard Lost for words !! You took precious time too write that ,I've a feeling you wouldn't be much fun to be around !

  13. @paddypower a bookie getting involved in all that business !, we know who your backing paddy !

  14. @CSM0611 it'll be bollox , along with 99% of tweets since Saturday !