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  1. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Does anyone know when the parking permits are sent out? we haven't had anything yet!
  2. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Has anyone used the reserved camping areas ? are they in a quietish part of the site? as it would be nice to get a few hours kip for a change after being kept awake all night at bearded theory this year (we're old farts who need our beauty sleep)
  3. Bearded Theory Festival 2017

    Thanks for the advice - I think we definitely qualify as 'Those of a certain age' Both in our fifties and suffering our first Glastonbury withdrawal in four years so decided on this as an alternative
  4. Bearded Theory Festival 2017

    Just booked our tickets , this is our First Bearded Theory , any recommendations for Bearded Virgins? particularly about parking where to camp etc ?
  5. Secret resales

    << Lurker here - good luck everyone!!
  6. SAVED £50 good grief I thought my 99p pakamac was an extravagance ! (I know its an old post but ....)

  8. One act you want there more than anybody

    Knife Party!!