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la la la la la

I have a had a wonderufl summer of fun... however this was sadly cut short when today... welll sunday day... my last day of holiday from work i called up work to find out what shift i was on on monday... I also coinsidently had an awful f**k off hangover .... unfortunatly i then found out I was meant to be working sunday night... now this is not a good thing when you have a raging hangover and think you might die... only three and a half hours to go :(



ooo i have been a busy bunny, applying for new jobs... looking for new flats and generally being a busy thing...

still can't decide if i should get gulifest tickets.. i do find it hard commiting to things... organising a friends hen night. left it a bit late and its turning out to be a nightmare... we have a venue for dinner (SOS on farringdons roof restaurant if anyone knows it) but getting in contact and organising a bunch of some, less than intelligent women is proving to be a pain in the arse! not to mention ones insistance that she wants the hen night to have a theme and for us to all wear somthing naff...

apart from that the world is good... going to be spending a week in italy as mother is moving to athens in september so need to take advantage of the free accomadation whilst i can.... and hopfully i will get the job i ma applying for with its big dirty pay rise :lol:

oo and aunt is feeling better having had great bloody chunks of her bowl removed unlong with other non essential organs... she starts chemo this week so fingers crossed B)



ooo the pook has been off visiting his grandparents... i think i have become an old bat... the pace of going out five nights out of seven was far too much... think my liver nearly gave up on me... looking forward to having him back and a mor relaxed pace :)

in other news glasto ticket buying was a success... just got to buy some for guilfest and maybe shambala now :) i think i will be having a very nice summer... mother minskyyy has got a job in athensso will be wondering over there sometime this year as well



give a child a roll of tin foil and he will be happy for the whole morning :) bliss


having a rather accident prone night at work... collegue has been admitted after wacking her head on the xray tube.... and i have hurt my ankle... willi make it through the night? :)


animal farm...

watched a very disturbing programme on channel 4 last night... animal farm..

the double muscled cows were disgusting... and when asked if they were as healthy and had the same quality of life as normal cows all the man could say is that their quality of life was comparable to intensivly farmed cattle.... oooo and the chicken bred to be super large with no feathers so that you can farm broiler chickens in tropical climates.... ackity disgusting....

that and the argument for f**king with rice so it produces vitamin A.... they introduced some daffodil DNA to it... saying it would save the lives of millions around the world.... or you could educate on better diet and encourage and help them to grow veggies which naturally contain vit A....

weird shit that left me feeling rather ill....

the pook also has a chest infection.... and after a twenty minute sturggle i have realised that trying to make a 6yr old take their inhaler with on of those sodding face masks is not much fun!

and interesting development... the pook is allergic to amoxycillin... obviuosly didn't know that before i started pouring into him... he is now an intersting shade of red.... ackity!


tsk tsk

sprog is ill so i have had to spend today awake... aterworking last night... i have achieved this by mainly playing tangerine panic... how can somthing so simple be so amusing... must be the effects of sleep deprivation....



the weather is wonderful and i have bought a new tent :)

and its got bedrooms :) no more crawling in and out of the tent.... and somewhere to store my crap the doesn't mena i end up sleeping on it :)

i now just need to purchase my selk bag and i will be a happy bunny.... the idea of a sleeping bag suit is very appealing... especially a bright yellow one :)

may go and test the tent over easter in cornwall.... oooo new things :)


and my thought for the day.... angelina jolie... fine adopt another child.... but why change his name? this isn't a baby ... she's changing the name of a three year old... its not a pet and i can imagine will find someone speaking a language he doesn't understand and refering to him by a random new name rather disturbing



My aunt is has recieved her scan results... riddled with mets in her liver, through out her bowel and her lymph system ... primary is inoperable... i will be consoling myself with vodka tomorrow and friday... and prehaps saturday for good measure...

she is not keen on flowers and can't eat anything so i have sent her an oxfam unwrapped gift to cheer her up....

in other cheerful news i have been given the option of lodging a complaint against someone at work for harassment... ooo the fun of being minskyyy at the minute is unbelivable!! I don't even think shoes will make me feel more cheerful

I am having a go at the glasto tshee comp though which is quite good fun :)



still no news as regards aunties CT report.... they are saying they will tell her next week... i find this amazingly frustrating as i well know that if they rush you in for a CT on the emergency list they already have a report and are stalling until they have decided what they are going to tell her... grrrr

so spending friday night in drinking scrummy wine and watching crap tv.... not feeling overly social........ still looking about for jobs but not much about unless i fancy moving south of the river... ackity strange folk live down there!!

while i am having a moan i would also like to know why it cost more to fly to cork than it does to rome! blood sucking bastards want silly money for me to get to a wedding (i hate weddings... hard to miss a good friends though) in cork!!! curse them all.... alot!!



The weekend did not improve after friday.... found out on saturday that my aunt is in the process of being diagnosed with bowl cancer.... my Dad's in a state over it.... CT scan results to today so fingers crossed its a primary and there are no mets ;) sometimes it is shit knowing too much about the prognosis for diseases...



the problem with the birthdays off friends is that you are expected to turn up for hte night out and not go home after half an hour and you don't get to pick the venue ;)

last night started off with drinks which was fine.... Tiger Tiger on the other hand is a shit hole... in the end i stopped drinking as it was not making things any better.... i think i have had enough off crap birthday drinking/dancing venues and will from now on refuse to go to shit places... as if the blag club was not bad enough tiget tiger was a meat market filled with dirty old men and 15 yr olds wearing dental floss as clothing.... ackity i am becoming old and grumpy!

but atleast i am not hungover and it appears that today is going to be sunny and beautiful... so maybe lunch at a local in the garden :(


ooo ooo ooo

the problem with working nights is not only the way it messes with your body clock but also after 10 hours you get a bit bored of your own company when it is deathly quiet ;)



back to work tonight..... ackity.... not looking forward to the mountain of e-mails and other shit that will be waiting for me... not to mention the fact i will be working a 12 hour night... boo

the pook has just fallen asleep on the floor whilst listening to the jungle book... don't think he has adjusted to being back at school yet....

might do some shopping online tonight to pass the time.... remember if you hurt yourself tonight do not in an circumstances come to uch A&E!!;)

.... hee hee so far work has been wonderfully quiet :(


epp drizzle

I am back from Egypt... it was wonderful. the weather was great. nice and warm at around 30 all week... sadly i do not have tan but i do have more freckles... prehaps i will just wait until they all join up :(

managed to cram a stupid ammount of stuff into one week....

Day one - went to luxoe temple which was breath taking - really liked the avenue of sphnixes(sp?).... the whole scale of the ancient egyptian temples is unbelivable.... can't get my head around how they made them all.... after the temple we went to luxor musuem to freak aneurin out with the mummies ;)

Day Two - we visited Karnak Temple.... its gigantic!!! you can fit st pauls and st peters inside the main complex..... the hypostyle hall with all of its 134 columns was breath taking... you need eight adults to wrap around just one pillar.... also went on a sunset felucca trip on the nile.... very nice having a hotel with a pool and terrace overlooking the nile.... saw the Sudan a couple of times (old cruise ship they used on death on the nile) very pretty and still with all its original features ....

you do get hassled alot but not nearly as bad as i was expecting and some dark sunglasses so they couldn't make eye contact with me worked a treat...

avoided going for a ride on one of the calaches... the state of the horses being cantered up and down the tarmac roads with big fat tourists in the carriages was awful....

Day three - we just spent the morning exploring the town and doing a bit of shopping.... then we went on a camel ride as aneurin was desperate too on the west bank.... quite nice really and not all that different from riding a horse... wouldn't mind another go with a bit more speed :)

Day four - we vegged by the pool.... needed to atleast make a slight attempt to work up a tan.... sadly failled... went for a ride on a felucca

Day Five - we hoped on a boat to the west bank and hired a taxi for the day to go and see lots of things... we started with the colossi of memon which are HUGE!!! and as we arrived very early we were the only tourists there so quite atmospheric....

from there we went on to the valley of the kings... which to be honest i was expecting to fall short of my expectations... i was wrong... the tombs are wonderful...and a little creepy.... when three quaters down the tomb of ramses the 6th there was a power cut and the whole tomb was plunged into complete darkness.... lots of panicing tourists... just hung about at the back till the lights came on again... quite strange being deep underground in a tomb that has had previous ceiling collapses in pitch black... but memorable...

once we had seen our three tombs at hthe vallet of the kings it was off to hatsheputs temple (where all the tourists were shot in 97) the ammount of armed police around is a bit of overkill...lovley temple though with great views over the mountains.... it was begining to get stupidly hot by this point.... from here we went on to see two other temples... both equally impressive... will put there names in later as i cannot recall them off the top of my head.... then back to the boat and home to the hotel...

Day Six - a whole days cruise up the nile to dendara temple... this was our only booked excursion and although it was wonderful.... I much prefere the excitment of planning somthing yourself and not having a tour guide... again the temple was magnificant being the only temple with an intact roof terrace that you can walk on. stunning views over the desert....

being veggie eating was a small problem... survived on a diet of fellafel, houmus, cheese sarnies and salads... not too bad really but don't think i could eat another cheese sarnie for a long time :)

ooo and the drivers were crazy!!! i am not very good at crossing roads in places where the drivers take care to avoid me... egypt they do not care.... you are in on or near the road they will run you down... they don't use lights at night... and don't seem to care which side of the road they drive on either.... i did have a couple of moments in taxi's were i simply closed my eyes.... was far to scarey to watch how narrowly we were missing animals, people and other motors! :(

took a stupid ammount of pictures... will put some up when i have the time... i would reccomend a trip to egypt to anyone...

ooo and my glasto prereg has not been rejected :) all is good with the world



in only a few hours i will be setting of to egypt where it is not cold wet and miserable... can't wait.... this has lead to a degree of glasto photo rejection paranoia.... so fingers crossed when i return it will all have gone through ok... i am packed and ready to go... only taking with me three pairs of shoes ;)



ah the wonderfullness of annual leave... not back in work until the 28th... sadly as usual the minute i go on annual leave i get a cold... so i am currently battling the invasion of the snot bubbles...

sadly on the 4th of feb my PC died in a puff of smoke... bloody stupid technology... luckily yesterday (only a week late bloody city link delivery!!) i got a shiney new lap top... the bloody thing is confusing the hell out of me but makes up for that by being very pretty :(

off to egypt on monday which will be wonderful but makes me slightly worried that my glasto photo will be rejected while i am away and i won't be back in time to sort it out... may have to find myself a little internet cafe in luxor.... taking the photo for the reg was rather amusing... i have realised i am unable to keep a straingt face when someone is pointing a camera at me... i giggle and lose control for my face totally... my brother telling me sternly to not laugh and keep my mouth shut did not help at all.

thinking about applying for a new job in a different hospital... the level of bitterness i suffer from every morning when i have to get up to go to work makes me think that it may be time to find another job preferably without darth vadar as managment....

appart from that all is reasonably ok in the world of minskyyy or as reasonably ok as they ever are... hopefully i will get a nice tan in egypt as i currently look like a stand in for casper the friendly ghost :(


sorting out getting the gatwick... you would think that would be easy but no no no!!! bloody coaches thake hours and the train is shit.... looks like i will be in an overpriced taxi.... but i have had some good news... mother is being interviewed for jobs in mozambique and bangalore... either of which would be lovley to visit her ... bless the wonderful working overseas parent ;)


ok today is not going well.... to go with my cold i have just realised that the gig i thought i was going to tonight was infact last thursday.... opppsssiieee... not at all pleased but all my fault so i cannot blame anyone else........... i may just go and poke myself in the eye for a bit now



Curse the world.... work a 12 hour night shift and then find out two of the people who are meant to relieve you are running very late... i want my bed!



Rome was wonderful... however coming home to a mountain of work was not quite so pleasant....

but my really gripe for today was the comments made by a stupid cow who i work with... this morning i was only the early shift and had forgotten to change the sheets as had my two collegues... cow from lack of social skills hell comes in... looks at me and one of my male collegues and says "have you changed the sheets?" to which reply no but we will do it in a minute.. she then turns to me and says Thea you should do it, it is womens work!!! i want to poke her in the eye!

she did not help matters by this afternoon greeting me when i got back from a two hour bloody meeting with have you gone to tea yet? to which i reply no but i can do without it as i leave in half an hour... she then says well you have been in a meeting all afternoon, thats like a break. you haven't been doing any work... is murder justified in cases like this?



off to Rome for the weekend this afternoon ... can't wait :) going out last night was not such a good idea though... especially not as i have done no packing .. have no euros and generally feel like a pig has pooped in my head :(

oppsieee just realised my printer has no ink.... this is not good :( and after having a bath i can't hear out of my left ear.... i think this trip may be cursed ;)


finish a 12 hour night shift and set off on my merry way home... train to willesden junction is fine... all is good with the world... wait for connecting train to richmond... ok first one cancelled next one will turn up... still moderatly cheerful.........

but oh no, after waiting over half an hour for the damn train they announce that the line is suspended... this is followed by the useful suggestion of getting a train the clapham junction then a train to richmond followed finally by a train to acton.... that will only take me about two hours.... a bit tired and tetchy by now i set off to walk through half of harlsden to get a bus... its raining... i have no hat... my jeans are wet and dammit the bus takes 15 mins to turn up....... ;)

i can't sleep.......... anyone want to sing my some lullabyes(sp?)



after today bar work is looking like a promising alternative career... :(

off out with my bestest friend tonight to drown my sorrows... hopefully will improve my mood

although tonight i will not be having any shooters... i am promising myself... fingers crossed i can stick to it ;)


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