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ah the wonderfullness of annual leave... not back in work until the 28th... sadly as usual the minute i go on annual leave i get a cold... so i am currently battling the invasion of the snot bubbles...

sadly on the 4th of feb my PC died in a puff of smoke... bloody stupid technology... luckily yesterday (only a week late bloody city link delivery!!) i got a shiney new lap top... the bloody thing is confusing the hell out of me but makes up for that by being very pretty :(

off to egypt on monday which will be wonderful but makes me slightly worried that my glasto photo will be rejected while i am away and i won't be back in time to sort it out... may have to find myself a little internet cafe in luxor.... taking the photo for the reg was rather amusing... i have realised i am unable to keep a straingt face when someone is pointing a camera at me... i giggle and lose control for my face totally... my brother telling me sternly to not laugh and keep my mouth shut did not help at all.

thinking about applying for a new job in a different hospital... the level of bitterness i suffer from every morning when i have to get up to go to work makes me think that it may be time to find another job preferably without darth vadar as managment....

appart from that all is reasonably ok in the world of minskyyy or as reasonably ok as they ever are... hopefully i will get a nice tan in egypt as i currently look like a stand in for casper the friendly ghost :(


sorting out getting the gatwick... you would think that would be easy but no no no!!! bloody coaches thake hours and the train is shit.... looks like i will be in an overpriced taxi.... but i have had some good news... mother is being interviewed for jobs in mozambique and bangalore... either of which would be lovley to visit her ... bless the wonderful working overseas parent ;)


ok today is not going well.... to go with my cold i have just realised that the gig i thought i was going to tonight was infact last thursday.... opppsssiieee... not at all pleased but all my fault so i cannot blame anyone else........... i may just go and poke myself in the eye for a bit now

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