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Rome was wonderful... however coming home to a mountain of work was not quite so pleasant....

but my really gripe for today was the comments made by a stupid cow who i work with... this morning i was only the early shift and had forgotten to change the sheets as had my two collegues... cow from lack of social skills hell comes in... looks at me and one of my male collegues and says "have you changed the sheets?" to which reply no but we will do it in a minute.. she then turns to me and says Thea you should do it, it is womens work!!! i want to poke her in the eye!

she did not help matters by this afternoon greeting me when i got back from a two hour bloody meeting with have you gone to tea yet? to which i reply no but i can do without it as i leave in half an hour... she then says well you have been in a meeting all afternoon, thats like a break. you haven't been doing any work... is murder justified in cases like this?

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Yes, murder is definitely allowed, in fact it is to be openly encouraged, otherwise bastards like this will think it is acceptable to talk to colleagues in this way

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