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public transport is w*nk

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finish a 12 hour night shift and set off on my merry way home... train to willesden junction is fine... all is good with the world... wait for connecting train to richmond... ok first one cancelled next one will turn up... still moderatly cheerful.........

but oh no, after waiting over half an hour for the damn train they announce that the line is suspended... this is followed by the useful suggestion of getting a train the clapham junction then a train to richmond followed finally by a train to acton.... that will only take me about two hours.... a bit tired and tetchy by now i set off to walk through half of harlsden to get a bus... its raining... i have no hat... my jeans are wet and dammit the bus takes 15 mins to turn up....... ;)

i can't sleep.......... anyone want to sing my some lullabyes(sp?)

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