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    I've no idea really but I'd imagine many will not be there until Monday or Tuesday if they are trading at various events around the country this weekend. Can't wait to watch it start filling up though!
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    Looks like the top of The Ribbon Tower is ready to go on!
  3. Free portable mobile phone chargers for EE customers: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/phones/2015/04/ee-customer-get-free-20-portable-mobile-chargers-from-thursday Are these the same thing that you could pick up / drop off at the charge tents last year?
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    The DX

    I had an e-mail yesterday morning saying that they had attempted a delivery. When I got home no card had been put through the door. I tried phoning 3 times yesterday to try to arrange for me to pick up from one of their depots rather than arranging another delivery, simply because I've read peoples stories on here of them not turning up etc. All 3 attempts resulted in no progress, all i got was constant ringing. When I got through to talk to someone this morning, she told me I wouldn't be able to pick them up without the calling card.....which was never posted! How useful. Safe to say I'm not impressed as I'm planning on sending a ticket on via Royal Mail to a friend who has moved, and would like to do this with plenty of time to spare. Let's hope they do turn up on the re-arranged date!
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