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  1. abu hamster

    Nick Cave

    Great last time better this time. Simply mesmeric!!!!!!! Sneering dark songs about love life death and killing the moment with the girl then walk off smiling and happy. SIMPLY GREAT.
  2. Leave it he isnt worth it!

  3. Leave it he isnt worth it!

  4. abu hamster

    Tent Robbers

    My tent has a large entrance hall. I use foil as a matting so if someone wants to get to me or my stuff they make a noise doing it. I also have a weight that is held up by a bit of string. the drops is the door zip is oppened making a noise. Rule 1 Dont take anything nice! Rule 2 Any thing of value at the bottom of the sleeping bag or secured on you. Rule 3 Theives wil always go for the eas opportunities, dont leave beer in its boxrip the box open spread the eers on the floor, spread a;; your stuff all over the tent, Having a tidy tent will aways help the scum. Rule 4 Have a good time dont spend your life worrying youve paid your money have fun! Shit happens limit the damage.
  5. you have a terrific username