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  1. Ferocious Dog and Mad Dog McCrea @ The Cluny tomorrow in Newcastle. Then Down Reno on Saturday @ Ginfest in Newcastle.
  2. For goodness sake! I would normally support groups of people, if they felt that they were offended by other cultures "stealing" their heritage" etc. However, I have travelled in America (sometimes off the beaten track!) and when you get Native Americans selling replica headresses in the casino's they own, the argument that they don't want non Native Americans to wear them, goes right out of the Window as far as I'm concerned! This was posted on facebook not by me though.
  3. Oh dear, I just read in "The Sun" that there was another reported rape at Latitude this year
  4. Was it you at efest camp, Bearded Theory Sunday? If so, nice one :-)

  5. We went in 2010 and like you we are not planning on returning for a year or two. Melvin Benn says it's not gonna get any bigger this year, so we will have to wait and see how Latitude goes down this year..
  6. I have and still do. There are quite a few with the same opinion as myself though. I hope if you go, you have a top weekend. Like I say it's not a bad festival. Just not for me. Not last time anyway.. Plenty more festivals still to try ;-) P.S. Please let me know how it goes, if you do go to Latitude next year. I would like to hear all about it.. ;-)
  7. No, not at all. But when you keep increasing the numbers of punters and nowt else then that's where the little niggles start to grate a bit.. Don't get me wrong, Latitude is not a bad festival. It's just not the festival that it claims to be. It's grown too big too quickly. Like I said it was our first Latitude this year and we read all the reviews and did our homework and to be quite honest it did not live up to our pre-concieved ideas. Great location, great bands etc. just not enough to make it special. I think we thought that we were going to get a mini version of Glastonbury, you know all the variety but none of the crowds. But we didn't. Please don't let me put you off going though, these are only my personal thoughts. Your exspectations may differ to mine........
  8. We did all the research before we bought tickets for Latitude, and it ticked all the right boxes for us. There seemed to be everything we could possibly want from a festival. Music,dance,comedy etc. But! We discovered Latitude a couple of years too late.. It has evolved from the chic easy going chilled little festival, that it was. To just another Festival Republic money making corporate exercise... I hope that it will down-size back to how it was 2 years ago, but in reality I think that the "Americans have already got their hands on Latitude" and things will never be the same again :-(
  9. We went this year for the 1st time and do not intend on going back. There was 5 of us 3 x mid-40s blokes and 2 x 14 yo girls (Daughters)just for your info. The festival is set in a great setting, couldn't be better really and that's about the best of it. Camp sites are fine we came through the gates and walked about 100m and pitched camp. About 10-15 mins bimble to the areana. Seems the closer you get to the centre the younger the crowd gets. Prices were on average higher than most festivals e.g. food £6.50-£8.00 for main meal, Same food at glasto was about 50p-£1 cheaper. Booze, only 2 real ales on offer both pish! and £3.90pp. No real cider and shite lager. I think that there were about 25k punters there. They haven't increased facilities from when it was 15k. Sound bleed from stage to stage was the worst part of the festival for me though, very off putting it was! There were a lot of posh kids there, but they caused us no bother. Bogs are all long-drops. Not to bad but needed to be empitied more often and they need to cut down on the blue shite they put in to it. propper gaggin at times. Water always went off for an hour or so in the morning, just when you need it.. Only 1 shop selling the things you need, 2 hour to get a pint of milk! Apart from that it was great ;-)
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