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  1. Strangely enough I am going to Glastonbury, not T in The Park or V Festival so am unable to take up your offer.

    I have a Ted Baker 'Proporta' Charger which I find to be excellent and it is rechargeable.

  2. Thank you Eric Pearson for your personal recommendation of a phone charger which you have added to 4 separate threads , However after clicking onto the seller information this tells me the name of the seller....which is

    Catherine Pearson

    PO Box 247


    West Yorkshire

    LS16 0BG

    United Kingdom

    A coincidence and you share the same surname?? ...

  3. Deceptive Posts of the year on efestivals .............. goes to HappyCamperJill!

  4. Hi, i am my limit with PM's, look back to the bottom of P4 and there is a link to Vloody Cloody Boards who do MSM groups to help each other. Good Luck!!

  5. Have a look on this thread over at Vloody Cloody for Sunday help groups.


  6. Mike, check your inbox cos I have sent you something that may help on resale day.

    Good luck

    StoneCircle x

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