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  1. I missed out there then!
  2. Pleased to hear it was a success! I loved my Sho beaker, no more freezing cold hands! And in the winter you can take hearty stews and soups in your flask on days out! 👍
  3. As I was in Spring Ground this year I didn't get a car park or campervan sticker. ☹️ Does anyone have one they didn't use? I love the ritual of waving to others displaying a Glastonbury festival sticker! 😄
  4. Best Dosa Deli - their paneer Dosa and onion bhajis are superb! 2nd best Roaming Rotisserie - half a chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing and gravy for £12 too much for one but my husband enjoyed the remaining chicken after his hog roast sandwich! Worst Anna Mae's - loved the Mac cheese in 2019, this year it was tasteless.
  5. That's the Pilton Palais not Palace which is a tent in the the front row of Row Mead in Pyramid field. The one I mean is occupied by campers who have always been pitched in the same spot for years.
  6. Pretty sure that's what is was called, the tent always overlooking the Pyramid stage doesn't appear to be in its usual place this year. Anyone spotted it elsewhere?
  7. You need photo ID with hospitality tickets.
  8. They don't have a photo but you need photo ID to get in with one.
  9. I have asked the site owner to do it for you. 😀
  10. You would have been better using that as the title! @eFestivals can you amend the title to - Can you buy car park ticket at the gate for Sticklinch?
  11. Unfortunately not, even an infant needs a seat these days.
  12. All tickets bought in the resale go to the lead booker, there isn't an option to pay extra postage for separate delivery addresses. When you pay a deposit in October and the pay the balance people usually opt to pay for their own and therefore pay the postage to have delivery to their own address.
  13. Please post a screenshot of the information you are stating as I suspect hearsay. Passes for car parking have and will be available on the gate. See Tickets have stopped selling as there is no time left to post them out, Please don't purchase on here unless the member has a good history. Don't be taken in by the bandwagon of scammers who are posting in this thread. Stop the touts!
  14. Yes you can, probably £60 and no they won't.
  15. Please be careful paying for car parking tickets from members with low post counts. There are a lot of scammers out there. You can buy a pass on the gate for £60.00 Don't be a victim of fraud. 👍
  16. Chase it up with SeeTickets, email glastonbury@seetickets.com
  17. My husband gets a PA ticket as he is my carer, these don't have a photo and he has always had to show his driving licence, not sure that a citizens card with suffice. Drop an email to help@glastonburyfestivals.co.uk
  18. Unless the driver can drop you off at Bath & West showground you will have to make your way to Gate Cor D, I have attached a map that shows most of the routes.
  19. Make sure that her blue badge is on display as you drive in and ask the stewards if you can go to the closest field. 🤞
  20. Email glastonbury@seetickets.com and ask them to amend your email address.
  21. I suggest you contact glastonbury@seetickets.com and keep your fingers very tightly crossed! 🤞
  22. Just say they were posted to a friend and you are meeting them at the gate. 🙂
  23. I asked them via Messenger.
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