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  1. Totally random comment but Kathryn Williams came and sang at our house years ago with a bloke called Jont, they had 2 Americans with them who played my bongos- very surreal night but I can vouch for her having a great voice x
  2. ha defo, when I think back to the days when we went to Leeds, T in the Park etc ( don't shoot me!) and you had to get beer tokens then stand in a bloody queue for ages, never mind paying £4.50 a pint , which was a lot back in the day! However I'm sure it was T where you got money back for collecting the paper cups and the little holders, you used to see people scrabbling around doing it and I think it totally helped with the liter, I could have totally made that up mind as I don't think I was ever coherent in them days...slightly off topic sorry! anyway I would defo be up for a Glasto run in the AM even just to see the mangled states through sober eyes x
  3. when the stewards checked in the van Robin had so much home brew they thought he was going to sell it in the CV fields. He got it back thank God !
  4. No copious amounts of cider this year? No home brew?? No getting it taken off you by the stewards coz you had too much? how times have changed :-)
  5. If this is the Robin I think it is, we'll be camping next to you with our 2 kids :-) I'm up for a run if you and the Mrs fancy it although I think you two will be far too fast for me :-)
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