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  1. I don’t know what they do with late people. And yes, I booked the 6am bus, it was the only available option when I booked.
  2. Hi all, I’ve gotten mixed messages about the return trip to London with National Express. the issue: we have three small children with us, aged 4, 6 and 7. Our coach back to London Victoria is Monday at 6AM. Way too early; we’d have to break down our tent at 04:30 at the latest to make it on time. Not only that, our train back home to the Netherlands on that same day leaves London at 6PM. So we definitely could take a much later bus Monday. so I checked with National Express, who of course give me the official answer that that’s not possible because all coaches are sold out. and I checked at the PGA ticket info office of Glasto when we arrived. But they weren’t sure. They said that on their list it shows a bus at 06:00, then at 06:30, 07:00, 07:30, and so on. Every half an hour one bus, about 16 in total on Monday. That sounded a bit odd to me, since on the way TO Glasto there were buses every 5-10 minutes, I think all day? So my theory was that there are several buses every half an hour. But maybe I’m wrong. The confusion starts with what is actually happening at the bus stop at Glasto according to several people on this forum. They say that it’s a free for all on the way back; that times or even tickets aren’t even checked at all. FYI: on the way TO London nobody checked our tickets. After an hour long queue we were just put in the first available bus. so, officially we’d have to go at 6. But if anybody can tell me with absolute certainty that we could easily take a bus at 9am as well; I’d be very interested…
  3. On the 22nd around 3pm or something
  4. Thanks! So just to be clear: we will arrive by coach, we should then walk to the west car parking and gate A to get to Wicket? And Wicket is the name of the family camping on the northwest site/near the bicyclist camping?
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