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  1. Hello everyone, long shot, but we dropped a disposable camera on the grass path leading to the toilets yesterday. If anyone came across it let me know, it was blue and had some great photos on there that were gonna be the memories from my girlfriend's first Glasto because I doubt she'll remember it naturally 😂 Already asked at the campsite crew and nothings been handed in yet so I'm relying on you guys. Cheers
  2. Oh yeah that's the one, found it and got a bit of piece of mind now haha cheers
  3. Ok but what about some people are saying they're refreshing a page until it says despatched, like there should be a bit that shows the status of my own ticket somewhere?
  4. Where are you guys actually seeing the page where it shows what percentage of the tickets have been sent out and all that? I just saw this thread and thought I'd check mine, but there's nothing under my seetickets account in the orders section. I'm not too worried yet because none of my previous glasto tickets are listed on there either, so I must be looking in the wrong place...but still kind of worrying 😂
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