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  1. You will see on the ticket for your camping upgrade that you are able to move in early to each campsite with the Moving-in Ticket. If you have purchased a Moving-in Ticket then you will be fine to gain access to your camp site from the 8th.
  2. Justin Bieber back smiling again. Appears as though his face is recovering well. On track to still perform at Sziget
  3. Justin Bieber’s team have confirmed his tour is set to re-commence at Summer Festival Lucca (Italy) on 31st July 2022. Justin Bieber is still set to headline Sziget Festival.
  4. Schedules are set to be announced mid July. The App will come at the start of August.
  5. Justin Bieber has cancelled all June and July tour dates and they are set to be rescheduled. Justin is hopeful of continuing his tour in August.
  6. New names coming next week
  7. This will be the acts that are on after midnight, as the music plays until early hours AM. Not an additional day.
  8. When will we get the next big announcement?
  9. The Strokes are supporting RHCP in America
  10. If you search Summer on Google Images the first image comes up but with a sun drawn in the sand. Looks like Leaks has cropped the image. Taking from this: Calvin Harris - Summer Same with Love Yourself. If you search that in Google it comes up with that image. Justin Bieber - Love Yourself Last image, only thing I can take from that is Tame Impala - Elephants
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