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  1. Big image are decent (used to be called Ivory Wave), Planet are like an off brand Lidl version of DMA's (the lead singer is Johnny Tooks brother), Andrew Cushin is a bit of a Noel Gallagher wannabe. No clue on the rest. Was hoping for holy youth movement but they're obviously not there.
  2. Eve has pulled out as well, so a replacement will be announced soon apparently.
  3. Bit better than expected tbh 🤏
  4. + Some day splits I haven't seen before
  5. More acts announced Tues 22 Feb next week
  6. Not sure, but my expectations are low if the tramlines and truck second waves were anything to go by - barely worth the wait/announcement...
  7. More on the way, what sort of names can we realistically expect?
  8. So still one headliner (that's headlined before) to be announced. Looks pony so far imo, a lot of room for improvement. Hoping it's because it's the first lot...
  9. I remember you from the other two cancelled event threads 2020/2021 - I'd say your record so far hasn't been bad haha
  10. Ahhh fuckity fuck, I hate that band with a passion.
  11. Thinking it could remain largely unchanged tbh with an added big name or two - looking forward to seeing something soon though, was utterly depressing when it was cancelled again
  12. Beyond caring any more. The governments contempt for the industry coupled with the upside down rules (on what type of events can happen vs which can't) is just impossible to try and even understand. It's bullshit.
  13. Yeah, painful - I'm still trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. No point pumping messages out unless they have something definitive to say. But, it's bloody close now with it being July, time for a decision.
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