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  1. Well she didn't bother to turn up in 2016, so see what happens this time
  2. Not bad all in all. Better than 2020, but not quite 2021. At least this event has a chance of happening - I'm happy.
  3. Full reveal tomorrow at 6pm
  4. Any more - or is that it?
  5. Probably just courteeners actually...
  6. Ohhhh yeah, upside down. Didn't read the post properly - sorry
  7. Doesn't look like vaccines to me, similar but...
  8. Orielles between sea girls and the big moon?
  9. So still one headliner (that's headlined before) to be announced. Looks pony so far imo, a lot of room for improvement. Hoping it's because it's the first lot...
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