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  1. So maybe announcement for the announcement on Tuesday, then the actual lineup Thursday?
  2. God knows, the 2021 truck lineup looks pretty good imo - compared to last year's YNot effort anyway I hope there is crossover!
  3. EDIT: they've just posted another total non-announcement on insta
  4. Aside from Bombay Bicycle club, last years headliners weren't remotely the same Truck 2020: bbc Kooks Catfish Blossoms Hives DMA's Y Not 2020: Royal Blood Richard Ashcroft Craig David (?) bbc Rag n bone man Levellers James There was a tiny bit of crossover on the rest of the bill, but not much - Sundara karma, Lathums, Dinosaur pileup etc
  5. I heard Supergrass more than once, but who knows...
  6. No - we had high hopes too. Edit: this is how bored we are 🙂, Y Not: please release something, anything.
  7. Sure someone else will be on standby.
  8. Shed seven are out. Rick Witter said they're not playing iv widget
  9. The latest. Episode 'dont be nervous, have a purpose'
  10. Blossoms just let slip on the podcast they're playing
  11. Shed Seven are definitely not performing this year now.
  12. I'll be stunned if it goes ahead. Fingers crossed.
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