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  1. https://www.stereogum.com/2082597/americans-wont-attend-concerts-until-coronavirus-vaccine/news/ here, first major poll
  2. maybe you've lost your job and it's gonna take you a while to recover maybe you're not comfortable to be in large groups until a vaccine is tested and produced massively maybe you wanna avoid certain countries cause you think second/third wave could come back i don't know, that's why i posted a poll
  3. @KinkyKeith that's my initial thought, i think a lot of people could skip festivals, at least this year, due to losing jobs
  4. @Brave Sir Robin I guess my question was aimed for the next couple of months (once pandemic ends and countries open the borders, vaccine is not gonna be in use for at least a year) i was basically wondering would this quarantine make people go to festivals even more
  5. So, I was wondering about this last couple of days. Considering we still don't know when this pandemic will end, and how many more festivals will be postponed/cancelled - what is your plan for the future? I know this depends on numerous things, from traveling costs after Corona to possible full shutdown of specific events, but still...I'm curious to see how other festival goers "breathe"... Personally, I still plan on attending festivals (those which won't be fully cancelled), but probably not all of which I wanted couple of months ago...
  6. any idea about the prices for 3-day & 5-day tickets?
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