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  1. This must be the weakest line up of all summer
  2. I go to werchter like 26 years. This is a strong werchter line up . Typical strong headliners like pj, Metallica, rhcp, killers, .. and yes saturday is a little different maybe but still its a strong young line up. Btw stromae, gorillaz, florence , nick cave they dont come to be a sub or even third last. It will be a great sold out summer, finally again
  3. Florence is sure. I heared could be a combo with London Grammar but would be weak for fill a full day with
  4. Depends also the weather, if its raining People go early
  5. Florence was said to play 26 june at werchter i thought
  6. Take the free bus to Leuven. There you can take for the same money a real good and much bigger breakfast
  7. Yes, was confirmed yesterday by the organisation to the local tv station
  8. So the tw classic 2 is definitely canceled?
  9. Stadium it will be, tickets from 149 euro
  10. Can be also werchter. They lighted the tower in the capital of belgium. In werchter there are not much towers to be lightened. Would be a perfect name for tw classic
  11. All female wasnt said, there would be more female artists , but not all female. Maybe @Ken19 can help us out? Its taking long for names , since the date is already in 3 months? So confident that it will sell?
  12. 26th was the second tw classic i thought. The encore would be something different. Its about time they come with some names, only 3 months to go
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