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  1. Are we thinking there’ll be any more regarding headliners or is this it? They’re so quiet except for sending the same names, pics and promotions on a loop! Even if this is it well obviously make the most of it and have a good time regardless but might be nice to have some new communication to explain something…
  2. What’s this saying? It’s in Spanish as far as I can see, presuming it’s saying the festival cancelled but what specifics?
  3. Any idea when we might get some more names? I can’t imagine it’ll be this side of Christmas. I really hope LG gets announced, I know people have mentioned him and Ian Brown a lot.
  4. I had a nightmare with festickets and they are normally the best for me, everytime I clicked on any Price option it just kept telling me they were unavailable. Thankfully I went onto seetickets and got them for €60 - still great value!
  5. I can’t imagine LG being announced now as would have thought he’d be headlining if he was to play! Biffy is still a possibility though
  6. That’s a good answer, prefer that one! ? How sure are you?
  7. So looking at the pricing, if you get in there very quick the festival ticket is €49 (I get that but fine) it terms of the glamping for me and my partner does that mean €25 x 2 for camping & €50 x 2 for glamping? so all in all €248 Or would you just pay for clamping (€50 x 2) and the total €198?
  8. The Kooks being used as the music to the latest video today must be pointing towards them being on the bill.
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