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  1. Peter North

    The Strokes?

    could be a problem. lead booker probs has to be present. i have gotten around this in the past taken a friend's debit/credit card when they're strict with showing ID, saying that i lost my wallet - wasn't an issue
  2. Peter North

    Billie Eilish

    Spectre was the best Bond song.
  3. Peter North

    The Strokes?

    I guess if you're into football chanting lad rock, cool.
  4. There are flags all over the place, so it's pretty difficult to get lost.
  5. quite a few omissions, when they're putting things like scatterbrain and packt on their list... off the top of my head: last flowers let down you and whose army? the tourist
  6. Four minute warning? Really? A top ten without Paranoid Android?
  7. You're going to make an announcement?
  8. Strokes on the Other to close Sunday night 🥰
  9. Peter North

    2020 headliners

    Can someone give me a list to give her a fair go? I only know 'shake it off', which is obviously ridiculously catchy.
  10. Peter North

    2020 headliners

    There's nothing unique or special about having Kendrick and TS playing though, is there? They're playing everywhere. Festivals everywhere. Dont get me wrong, they're huge artists and I adore Kendrick, but it's nothing hugely special?
  11. They love cash, don't they?
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