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  1. Day splits confirmed - happy that there are at least a few each day that I’d go see. Was worried they’d all be crammed into one day
  2. Mid-March wasn’t a bad guess then!
  3. Just been taking a look back at messages from my group when we went in 2019, and looks like the 3rd announcement that year was mid-March...
  4. When the forum is back up and running but there’s still no Beni news to share….. 😂
  5. I thought she’d have at least announced an Irish act or something, definitely a weird choice 😂
  6. Although unlikely still, Greenday are in France the same week as FIB…
  7. From this screenshot it’s saying tickets from the 24/10…maybe a typo or have I missed something haha
  8. Haim are in the UK for 13th, 16th and 17th July, possibility of them nipping over to Spain for the Thursday or Friday? **edit - they’re in Glasgow on the 14th so maybe less chance of them being in Beni just for the one day**
  9. I’d hope for at least a week before, nothing worse than trying to sort out ticket finances the day before they’re on sale!
  10. Just checked and their website has recently been updated. Under their buying process, it says about being able to buy 2 tickets in the first price bracket and then 6 in the next, so yes, seems like they’re following the same plan as previous years!
  11. Finding it mental, but totally not surprised, that we don’t even have a teaser for the lineup yet!
  12. Same, wondering how much of next year’s lineup will be the same as 2020’s? Anyone with any ideas, or who you’d love to be there?
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