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  1. I'd love to see Royksopp and/or Legowelt on the line-up
  2. Yeah I noticed that. I seem to remember there was a deadline on last years postponement email, but I don't remember it being that short.
  3. Found it! Mine had too. Definitely keeping my ticket anyway
  4. I agree. Bluedot really had no other choice than to postpone. There are multiple factors at play including ensuring artists can actually be there to perform. I get the impression a lot of people in general are thinking everything is going to be back to normal from next week, this is really wishful thinking, but we're really not out of the woods with this yet. Just look at how things are in the EU and other parts of the world. I hate to be negative about it, and I really wanted to attend Bluedot in July like the rest of us, but we all need to be so cautious still, the virus hasn't gone away. The last thing any of us want is for more restrictions to be imposed. One day hopefully soon we'll all be able to get out and party, and put this nightmare behind us. Has anyone actually had an email from Bluedot yet regarding this?
  5. Yeah I missed it yesterday but tuned in now, looks great. Wish we could all be there for real though :)
  6. Yeah last year there was plenty going on at the other stages after the main act had finished. Could barely move in the tent Jon Hopkins was playing in
  7. Weather forecast doesn't look too bad really. I know what you mean about the thunderstorms though, I was in a bell tent at Lunar Festival last year and it felt like the centre pole was twice as high as it actually is when the jet black clouds were overhead. Although there was some severe rainfall, thankfully there were no lightning strikes.
  8. Goostrey Lane / Station Road which runs from the station to the A535 whilst unpaved, is single carriageway so plenty big enough and the station itself has a decent size car park. Buses could have been laid on to run from there up the A535 to one of the gates and back, completely avoiding any small lanes/tracks and the village itself. Personally I wish more people used car-sharing websites in the UK. I've used sites such as liftshare.com, blablacar.co.uk and gocarshare.com for both giving and receiving lifts and it's a great way of travelling cheaply, quickly and a step towards greener travel and reducing congestion. I gave a couple of Polish backpackers a lift from Bristol to Birmingham when I last drove that route by myself, and they said it is so common in Europe that you can practically get anywhere you want without a car. Anyway, I hope everyone arrives safely and has an amazing time. I'm really looking forward to it.
  9. It's unrealistic to expect people not to use the local station, I'm arriving into Goostrey on the Friday afternoon. But fair play to Bluedot/Jodrell Bank for warning people about the roads. It's only a couple of miles up the road so it would have been nice for them to have arranged a shuttle bus back and forth from the train station, I'd happily have paid for that service, but suspect this may have been turned down by the local council as they tend to want people to avoid local villages at events like this.
  10. Same here, I tend not to worry about things I have no control over, although I do like to plan accordingly. How has the ground been at previous Bluedots when it's rained? Has it got muddy quickly or remained fairly solid despite being soaked? I'm backpacking it from several counties away so want to make sure I bring the most appropriate footwear. ? I imagine if it's only a few showers then the decent temps should help keep the ground dry enough anyway.
  11. According to Trainline there's a direct train from Manchester Piccadilly to Goostrey which is the closest station, and takes 40 minutes. Goostrey is 2 miles from Jodrell Bank down country lanes however so realistically you'd probably have to get a cab from there to the site, unless someone could pick you up from the station. There's a cab-firm in Goostrey called Goostrey Private Hire on 01477 535 060.
  12. Count me in. Skolley has already messaged me and I've replied with my number. Thanks
  13. First time for me too, really looking forward to it. I think they may have a family camping section which usually doubles as the 'quiet' area but not sure other than that. I'm making the journey up from Devon with a backpack so can only carry a small tent as it is, and I can usually squeeze that into a small space anywhere in a field, although it would be great if a few of us could get a spot to camp together. I guess the sooner we get there the best choice of pitch we'll have. What time are you arriving? My train get's into Goostrey at just after 3pm.
  14. Hopefully a few of us can meet up. Have you been to Bluedot before?
  15. That would be great, many thanks. I'll message you now.
  16. I'm really looking forward to this festival. I've not been to Bluedot before and Kraftwerk is going to be a lifetimes treat for me as they are one of if not my earliest musical memory. I'm travelling solo from Devon so if there's anyone else travelling from the South West with a spare seat I'd be grateful to lift-share. Likewise if anyone wants to meet up at the festival, is there a solo festival travellers Facebook group or anything? I haven't got a Thursday ticket. What time does it all kick off on the Friday? If I'm travelling by train I probably wont be arriving until 4 or 5pm and I really want to make the most of the weekend.
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