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  1. Update to the Glastonbury proposal - My (now) wife can't make the festival this year as she is pregnant!
  2. Yes that was me! It was amazing thanks @chasg for taking the photos. Heres another my my friend took from the stage
  3. Ok everyone, thanks for your help! So many great stories, so thanks for sharing. If anyone would like to come and celebrate we will be outside circus and New York brass band are going to give me a helping hand. Saturday eve at 20.20. It would be great to see some of you!
  4. Thanks @chasg I’ll send you a message.
  5. It was a bit of both really, ideas from other people and maybe some help. We dont always camp in the same place, we have moved around. Mostly because we can’t usually arrive on Wednesday. our favorite thing at Glastonbury is moving around, seeing some of the smaller and stranger acts/stands and visiting the more interesting bars. Favorite stage is pyramid at night time, rocket lounge late night and west holts or park in the day.
  6. She couldn’t say no after that much effort!
  7. This is amazing, I would love to organise something along these lines or outside on the hill
  8. Nice! I really liked @Kanye's Cock version too
  9. @MrPink that’s a great idea. I quite like idea of there being a bit of a crowd there! It could be great to have a big old dance afterwards on the park hill!
  10. Hi Everyone, I am a long time lurker and first time poster. Been going to the festival for a few years now, and I am hoping to propose to my girlfriend this time! If you have any advice, please let me know!
  11. Hi Everyone, I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend at Glastonbury this year and I was hoping to see if anyone else has done this before and has any ideas/advice they would like to share? I have a vague idea about when and where I would like to do it, but if anyone has any tips to make it extra special I would love to hear it. It’s a very special place to us, and we will have loads of friends there, so I am hoping to do it somewhere fun, maybe up by the sign. I read one of the threads from ‘@Kanye’s Cock’ who did it up there and that looked so fun, it would be amazing to organise something like that. Thanks!
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