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  1. louise126x

    EPO bands

    Oh also would it look out of place just wandering round the site to have a look at things?
  2. louise126x

    EPO bands

    @incident @Kinkyinuit Thank you! It was the generic EPO wristband I have and don't worry wasn't planning on setting up a tent but noted! Little bit cheeky but have heard rumours of people using their EPOs for shortcuts through places such as when they divert everyone the long way round Shangri la. Don't suppose you have any information on this?
  3. louise126x

    EPO bands

    Sorry should have made that clearer! I have one for this year as well
  4. louise126x

    EPO bands

    Hi, I've had an EPO band for several years but don't actually work the festival. I was wondering if it is possible to get on site early with these wristbands and what the deal with staff bars is if someone could help? Have been for 6 years and would love to see the site empty and behind the scenes!!
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