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  1. Has anyone even seen glass with 2022 lineup on it?
  2. @Ben_Monkcould you update your clashfinder with these last minute changes, please?
  3. Saw the account earlier in this thread that created this Clashfinder (https://clashfinder.com/s/p202x1/), but I can't remember the name. Can anyone tell me if this Clashfinder is up to date and includes all the changes in the schedule of the last days?
  4. Joey Badass suddenly announced the first european festival performance this year at the Orange Warsaw Festival at June 3. Secret guest at Primavera maybe? Not Primavera type, but fingers crossed
  5. Since I'm going to the Primavera for the first time, could you tell me which mobile operator has the least problems with the Internet at Parc del Fòrum during festival? I'm going to buy eSim
  6. Core Festival suddenly added Denzel Curry as a replacement for Stormzy. It's the first European festival for Denzel in June. Since he is on a European tour until June 2 (Poland) and Barcelona is not on the list, can we hope to see him added to the Primavera lineup? Next show after Europe is The Gov Ball in NY on June 11.
  7. I think we're just not immersed in Spanish youth music enough to know about this artist. I’m sure everyone has small artists in the country that no one knows about in the mainstream, but in their coterie they are popular and have a heavy audience (thousands of subscribers in socials). Delete everything from social networks is a standard promo kit for musicians before a big event. Primavera Sound is a big event for sure. Especially if the Quiemera is going to release new music on the Primavera Label. They can use all their resources to achieve the best results. I think we should take off tin foil hats 🙂
  8. Does anyone remember if the festival posted their merch on social media prior to the festival? And where was the merch table before?
  9. I think, we shouldn't forget about Camila Cabello. She had a headline tour in May-June 2020 with some festival appearances (like Orange Warsaw Festival, same dates as PS). I don't really like her, but she's definitely big female act. Especially if PS decides to make a fourth day.
  10. And Hayley Williams with Doja Cat!
  11. Brockhampton also already confirmed for Orange at the same dates of Primavera.
  12. btw Orange Warsaw Festival is cancelled «A large part of this year's program will return next year, and there will be a lot of new artists» Brockhampton is already confirmed for 2021 line-up. I think we can consider them almost confirmed for Primavera 2021
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