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  1. Sezz

    Your 5 Must Sees

    1. The Cure 2. Ms Lauryn Hill 3. The Streets 4. Kylie 5. Years and Years Probably not an accurate reflection on my musical taste but it is what it is
  2. Yes!! The killers 2005, me and my mate are holding up a sign made out of 2 of my mums pink pillow cases sewn together, saying Smile like you mean it. We were on BBC and YouTube. Claim to fame
  3. Just worked it out, Pedestrian Gate 🙄
  4. On the map is pgA and pgD the gates A and D?
  5. Sezz

    Flag help

    If you see the flag come and see me. I owe you a beer
  6. Sezz

    Flag help

    Think this is the winner 👍
  7. Sezz

    Flag help

    YES!! This is exactly what um after. Cheers
  8. Sezz

    Flag help

    2 of our group turn 40 this year and I want to make a flag for our camp with their faces on and a witty comment, possible festival related. So far I've come up with 'when they were young' 'Somebody told' me these turn 40 Any other suggestions?
  9. We got both the tents out and checked and tried the new porch for 1 tent. A great success except for not vacating the cat out of the pop up 5 man tent and hearing a meow as we were doing the zip up. Oops. Cat is fine after a 5 min panic to release it 😂
  10. This is my Quadra QX515. It's got waterproof zips and a 5litre capacity. Loads of hidden pockets and zips. It's my absolute essential festival item. I can ge them through my work but sure if you Google them, you can order one. Or I can probably order more from work. I just added a little embroidery to bling it up. It's not finished yet.....
  11. Wowzers. That sounds like an experience 🤢
  12. Etsy do printed flags for a reasonable price. Dont know how you'll sort collection/delivery etc
  13. Mumford and sons in John Peel I think 2010. Couldn't get near
  14. I'd take a tarp and some bulldog clips and a precaution for leaking tents and take full waterproofs, pants and top for heavy rain. Also, wear a cap under so stops the rain smashing directly in your face, I wear glasses so rain usually turns me blind. Good grip on ur footwear also for slippy areas. I use a camping chair if it rains also. My sister says Galstonbury mud is a privilege. Hmm, I'm not completely with her but it's not that bad as long as you have enough alcohol. If ur taking kids, get those all in 1 water proofs, warm clothes and just let them get rotten. No point fighting the inevitable. I would honestly have mud all day long over scorching heat and no shade. Sorry to be controversial.
  15. Made myself a cheeky little phone carrier ❤💃🏻
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