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  1. Sezz

    Camp Fires

    Haven't read the whole thread but we had a fire in our bbq bucket. We had those light the paper fire logs that last a few hours and we collected fire wood from outside the Oxfam by the park. It was there on the first night so doubt it would of lasted long. Didn't see any other camp fires but ours and the fire stewards came twice to 'talk' to us about our fire which was tiny. They were very twitchy about it. I hadnt been since 2010 and was a bit gutted to not see people round a fire. Remember when they used to have them at the stages?
  2. Sezz

    Overheards and funnies

    "The face recognition isn't working on my phone since being here, think its coz I'm happy"
  3. Sezz

    Lessons learned

    Wish I'd done that. Thought the cure would of been better on the Friday when we all had energy and Stormzy could of gave us all a boost on the Sunday instead with his 'energy crew'
  4. Sezz

    Helping Crazyfool1

    Well I'll keep my eyes peeled for one. Got to be better than some of them. I'm fairly certain I've been contacted by an actual serial killer on match.com πŸ˜‚
  5. Sezz

    Helping Crazyfool1

    That's a shame. There could of been a singles meeting last week πŸ™„
  6. Sezz

    Helping Crazyfool1

    Is there a singles thread at all?
  7. I've got 2 boxes of the Rose, Gallo, white Grenache Β£16 in Tesco. It's really nice
  8. Sezz

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Are they just so you dont have to hover or do you use the urinals with them?
  9. Sezz

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Think we were stuck for 8hrs and no drink and just 1 bag of chow chow nuts between 4 that were rationed.
  10. Sezz

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    This was going to be my idea, although I'll mainly have bags of wine so shouldn't be too uncomfortable. What about an over the shoulder style canvas bag? It would probably be open tho?
  11. Oh jeez, I'll see if I can change it. Didn't realise. In my defence I do look just like Mrs Mia Wallace , just curvier with big thick black glasses 😜 I'm leaving my child and my dog to go to Glastonbury and I know which one I'll miss the most 🐢❀
  12. I have a Gelert Twister 5. Its HUGE for a pop up tent. I've had it years and the only problem is getting back in the bag but I have the knack now, just takes practice. I would defo reccomend it....and you can stand up in it
  13. I have a large bum bag and like a kids gym bag for booze. Once the booze is gone I can put the bag in my bum bag.
  14. That is defo the 1 thing missing from Glastonbury.....dogs 🐢
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