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  1. Probably they were trying to book some important name that cancelled lasti minute and they took her
  2. yeah i was wondering the same, it's the weakest nameand it's ridicoulous putting her so high, i guess she will do a djset like Jamie XX one
  3. What do guys suggest me to listen to My must see so far are Battles, Black Midi, Floating Points, Chromatics, The Comet Is Coming and maybe Let's Eat Grandma (i saw james already 3 times and he always bored me but maybe i can give him another go because i like his new album, even if i'm not sure if that place is the right one for his music)
  4. This year Pukkelpop had Post Malone playing at the Main Stage meanwhile Idles, The National, Modelselektor etc were killing other stages so maybe will be the same for Nos
  5. I mean she could have been a good option for taylor swift day, because i think many swift's fans are also billie eilish's fans, but if she headline another day this is so disappointed
  6. She announced herself on her website
  7. I hope people that are moaning about Taylor Swift are not the same that want Green Day.....
  8. yeah i was totally davested by the previuos day and volunteering that day, but i enjoyed him anyway
  9. Monday Firenze Rocks "festival" will reveal its first headliner for 2020, maybe we can excpect a name that could fit also for RW or other festivals?
  10. Last year was a secret artist (Kode9) revealed only minutes before his performance the night in which he played
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