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  1. I wonder it these are the headlinears or not anyway turin >> milan as festival offer in italy ❤️
  2. can't wait for july so mad cool and nos alive facebook pages will stop make friday i m love jokes
  3. omg i m listening for the first time to good charlotte, they are just embarassing they re turining good for an afternoon hangover
  4. i'm worried about all those electronict acts clashes
  5. wow this whole thread make me want to go in 2020
  6. omg i completely feel you man, i had to do this 3 times after 12 hours waiting
  7. i think that unfortunately it's not the only artist that i saw dealing with depression, i m a fan or more depressing music than james but i really enjoy them live, for example radiohead obv are a band with happy lyrics but yorke is capable of manage the stage and the audience, for me james isn't
  8. when i saw him i was literally going crazy (in the negative meaning) fortunately he sung only for 1 hour because i couldn't stand his expressions anymore, he was literally exageratting doing depressive stuff with his face like he was at a funeral
  9. What surprises me about this festival is that it has so many act but very few that appealed to me, northside is so smaller but has better line ups
  10. Avalon Emerson is super great, at club to club last year she literally gave me new life at 5 a.m after a night of dancing and drinking
  11. Chvrches on Sunday? They play Sziget and Reading and they are used to Pukkelpop
  12. ho avuto l'onore di vedergli segnare una punizione magistrale contro la juventus a torino, che mito
  13. Franz Ferndinand is another great festival band, they are entertaining and create a great vibe
  14. Io hope Idles, Frank Turner and Catfish and The Bottleman
  15. still better than peroni and nastro argento i hope
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