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  1. this is the only place in which there are many the strokes fans, they are acclaimed and requested in every topic but outside of here they din't really seem praised
  2. I remember when i wanted to go at the 2019 festival and i was like nah, i'm young and i will have other opportunities withouth problems Wow O.o
  3. probably 2023-2024 at most
  4. Depeche Mode, Pearl Jam
  5. ken do you think wolf alice will tour in belgium if there will be sort of festivals?
  6. astrazeneca ist stopped by basically every country.....we will be lucky if we can have something in 2022 believe me, call me pessimistic etc it was the same the last year when people said in 2021 there won't be festivals, europe is too far from vaccinate enough people and the virus variations are many and dangerous
  7. Trust me it would be a great success to have the normal festival itself
  8. Today other 40k infected and almost 600 deaths in spain but yessssssssss, there will be a 70k gathering, why not 😎 And what if we add one or two days so we can gather even more people 😎 surely from tomorrow the virus will disappear so we can see de sdrocsssssssss
  9. honestly i'm pessimistic also for 2022
  10. I think festival season hqppening would be a real miracle that would deserve a movie or TV show, i'm not ironic, if they manage to put together tests, distance, bands etc they are amazing
  11. In China and Australia there are already concerts and festivals but europe and usa have to wait unti who knows when 🥵
  12. Dave grohl stand up comedy mixed wìth some music with musicians from foo fighters?
  13. But if they decide to let travel and attend events only vaccinated people, how can people are supposed to go to festivals next year, if they are still to be vaccinated
  14. Already 20 bands im interested in best despite some meh headliners
  15. Very interesting, if only we knew for sure that this will go ahead
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