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  1. What are people's thoughts on the new The 1975 single?
  2. I think that would be a very strong set of headliners and something for everyone. Would need some decent subs though imo
  3. Anyone managed to hear the new Foals album yet? Just listened all the way through, got it early from pre order.
  4. They ought to, great live band
  5. New Foals song is fantastic, again. I was concerned when they announced a double album, but they've smashed it so far, can't see there being a real dud from all 20 songs. I want to see them headline outright, amazing live band. They're the "indie" headliner for me
  6. I left for ES too and thought SP were quite good before then
  7. Ik weve literally just had the 1st, but who could be in the next announcement do people think? I'd like to see Code Orange on there, could Black Midi appear or wouldn't they appeal? Same question with IDLES?
  8. Twas amazing, where would he place now do people think?
  9. Tame Impala need to close if they play, they lose so much in daylight
  10. Surely Dave or Skepta/ BBK are bigger than Krept & Konan or Giggs already? I get the logic, but if they're doing that to accommodate the southern/ northern crowds you may as well be having two seperate festivals? Courteeners would be a very underwhelming co-headliner.
  11. Fair enough! I'm a little too young to remember the hype for AM back then, but now you mention the records they broke of course it was on another scale
  12. I would say 5 years minimum. They'll want to headline Glasto before they do RnL again I reckon and I can't see them wanting to do RnL the year after Glasto, as stated above it won't have the desired effect
  13. I think the fact it's difficult to decide which album is their best just shows how consistent they are. Black Bull is great and I expect a few more bangers off the new album too. One of the best live bands right now. I can see them doing Glasto this year (mainly due to the secret set going really well) and RnL next. - with The 1975 doing 2021 Glasto.
  14. Deffo and I can see the likes of AJ Tracey, slowthai, Dave, Skepta all potentially featuring on the main stage (maybe not all in one day)
  15. If 1975's next album gets to no.1 are they as big as AM were when they first headlined Glasto? I'd argue they already are as big as they were back then
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