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  1. Aside from the murder, I saw him NYE and he is dreadful live. Not missing much.
  2. Doesn't seem as though Posty/ ToP will switch, but ik they usually do Yes definitely, think it's a shame he kept to his usual tour set instead of creating something different for festivals. - Worked brilliantly in Birmingham Arena, his set felt lacking at Leeds and there are so many great tracks he doesn't play
  3. Errm, yeah - the larger co-headliner, so they'd close the set, like Kendrick did last year - we're literally describing what co-headlining is here lol Having said that, I'd personally love to see them headline outright
  4. I've only been going since 2015, but 2017 was my fav. Only year all of our group went and vividly remember how nice the weather was sat at the campsite waiting for Eminem on the Sunday- and then how good his set was too. Think either this year or 2015 have been the best in terms of lineup, loved Metallica in 15
  5. Thanks for putting me on to PUP ^^ Hoping they don't clash with RB now.
  6. Makes sense from RB's perspective too, as they'll get to play multiple times = more publicity & money, provided they will eventually headline outright
  7. How old are you if you don't mind me asking? Arguably their best album, Homesick, came out 10 years ago, so you might not have been exposed to their songs. Do you like that sort of music? Downfall of us all is a staple song for any night out at Mosh in derby or Leicester and I've heard it played in keys club in Leeds
  8. Then on to co-headline with Courteeners next year 😍😍
  9. A few days before sometimes Was about a week before last year They've been quicker to announce everything this year though
  10. RB played 3rd down last time, so based on natural progression theyll be back as headliners once the 3rd albums out I love Foals, but still think co-headline as the closing act is about their level, they're hyping the 2nd half of this album to be full of bangers though, so we'll see
  11. Probably to try and entice more sales at Leeds, along with the nightlife, but I know the licenses must make a difference too. Never been to Reading, but hear it's in quite a built up area?
  12. Well appy with TPD being added, probs the best set at Picadilly last year, wish more DJs would just play bangers instead of EDM
  13. Agree mostly and you're both not suggesting where ADTR would move to with all of this?
  14. Sure they would and I'd be well up for that, but wouldn't it seem a shame to not have their lightshow in the dark?
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