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  1. Really great album, they seem to age like fine wine. Between that, Code Orange's Underneath and Freddie Gibbs' Alfredo for AOTY for me atm, and can't see that becoming a premature take - although, RTJ4 is great timing too.
  2. Where's AM come from? Is their a sniff of a new album? If not I can't see them touring.
  3. Sorry if I've gone back a few topics, but came on here to see what people thought of the new album due its devided reviews. Personally, I really like it - I would say you can tell it's been written whilst on tour the last couple years, hence "notes" and the mixeup of genres was confusing at first, more like a mixtape but I'm getting used to that now They've said after this tour they'll go on a hiatus, so possibly Glasto 2022 before disappearing Even though I do like Notes and get the concept is supposed to be a mashup of ideas, I do hope album no. 5 has a more focused sound/ t
  4. Would rate a lot but slowthai needs to be careful in a MAN band with his NMEs shirade
  5. New Neck Deep album July 24. Are there any slots available they'd slot into?
  6. New Gorillaz song is a banger, they'd be great RnL headliners
  7. Would be great, but would they clash with Fontaines D.C?
  8. How does Stormzy compare to Roses in terms of popularity in both time frames? Interesting that grime seems to be what brit pop was in the 80s-90s to kids (and older, but generally) these days Personally, I love home made british music being at the top of our charts
  9. Doubt it, possible one between Slowthai and RTJ
  10. Slowthai - IDLES - RTJ - Bizkit would have been great too and more varied
  11. Yeah seems everyone feels same as me, wondered if I wasn't hearing something but ah well, hopefully the albums more guitar based
  12. What do people think about Biffy Clyro's new song? Not a fan personally.
  13. Loathe's album is great, looking forward to seeing them at Download. Could they feature at Leeds or are they too heavy for this year?
  14. J.I.D from that Lollapalooza lineup please.
  15. I think they're teasing the new single they've been playing on tour
  16. I've only heard a few capaldi singles, but it still completely baffles me how different he is to his music. If only his music sounded half as fun Also, skepta vs dave, I'd say skepta would be the better booking right now because he has so many bangers (enough to fill an hour easily), was supposed to play a couple years back and Dave played last year so it wouldn't be all that exciting imo.
  17. Went to The 1975 last night in Nottingham, their new songs are sounding great. "If you're too shy (let me know)" is a banger, can see that being th next single.
  18. More context for the Slowthai thing
  19. Take the rough with the smooth, look at it his way; first dibs when you need a shit Seriously though, reading or leeds? If leeds you'll be find if you get there pretty early on the Thursday. I think you can get in at something stupid like 2am as well?
  20. Off topic, but anyone listened to Tame Impala's new album yet? Thoughts on them headlining 2021?
  21. If the 1xtra stage does finish before main stage on the Stormzy day it will be interesting to see how many people go see Denzel Curry over Migos
  22. Yeah I realised sooner after aha, what's that over here roughly 230 quid?
  23. Why, they're still on general sale aren't they? Edit: I realise you mean the US tour now, oops
  24. Yep and some huge artists have played in there before they get too big like Arctic Monkeys, Muse, kasabian, primal scream, the 1975, etc. I think in general it's harder to book festivals these days because of the rate artists popularity increases on the internet
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