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  1. Pixies (playing UK festival the week after) Reef Jack Peñate
  2. Re: bar queues. Two independent people confirmed to me on Sunday that they were told to expect 30k less people then attended over the weekend. Felt like most of these extra were Saturday which may explain why most of the bars ran out of booze sat night.
  3. Not in the article currently published. Maybe see more at 9am when poster updated.
  4. New Order it is then. https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/whats-on/gigs-and-music/victorious-festival-2019-new-order-to-headline-the-southsea-music-event-s-final-night-1-8827592
  5. Have a horrible feeling this this will be the truth. With rudimental being a ‘cheaper’ headline act, I was hopeful for something big Sunday but seems increasingly unlikely.
  6. I am also pretty sure global have never booked the cure before. Hyde park= AEG appears that even the festivals in Europe they are playing are not global festivals. This does not, of course, rule them out but bands do tend to stick with the same bookers. I would love it if it were the cure, but my head says it won’t happen.
  7. Would be amazing if true. Not sure Jarvis on his own could headline this unless he played a load of pulp tracks.
  8. I agree on headliners currently announced. TDCC are playing everywhere. Rudimental dont appear as big as they used to be. Hopefully the Sunday night shuts us all up from whinging as the undercard is solid.
  9. Good news about the announcement today is that the Sunday headliner is likely someone who has not announced festival gigs yet and are embargoed until a larger festival announces. This likely rules out Florence, foals, manics and new order as they have festival gigs already out there and would have been announced today (as per all previous victorious announcements). Creates a possiblity of: Mumford (APE announcement soon), catfish, kings of Leon (London date soon). Could all be wild speculation of course.
  10. I am pretty pleased with the volume of decent artists on the undercard. If they can get Mumford and sons for Sunday night headliner, then I am pleased.
  11. Hopefully only a few hours to go until we know the line-up. I'll be honest, 2019 festival season so far is looking pretty tripe across the board, so I am not holding out much hope. My (hopeful) predicitons: Friday: The Specials / New Order Sat or Sun: Chemical Bros At some point over the weekend: Futureheads, Zutons.
  12. Looks like streets and slaves out then. Don’t understand the hate for the street. Saw them last night and amazing energy and fun. Would have been a good addition to Victorious.
  13. General opinion is truck fest = 10k small festival punching above its weight. Ynot 30/35k festival, average size headliners for size. Most the bands are also playing all over the summer elsewhere so nothing particularly new in the line up, apart from elbow, who are meh to most people.
  14. Very happy if that’s the line up announced. Thanks for sharing.
  15. TDCC would be a disappointment as a headliner for this size of festival. I am sure that Doves will be in there as a Sub somewhere (maybe Sunday)?
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