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  1. Be a big year I reckon next year. Before Liam came out last night they had big signs on the screen saying next year was the festivals 25th anniversary. Expecting big things.
  2. Have they?! Where you seen that mate
  3. Judging by your posts on here you are nailing some heavy gear on the regular haha
  4. It’s a wonderful thing. Sure there’s 2 pools too!
  5. Warm enough to be in a shirt, don’t think it ever goes much below 20 egrees even in the early hours.
  6. Stayed there in 2013 and we had 6 in one apartment. Plenty of room
  7. Got the supermarket vodka last time and it was like paint stripper ? much rather her spend a few extra euros and drink something that actually tastes nice haha
  8. I used to use about 100 euros a day
  9. Anybody else counting down the days? Not that fussed about the line up just can’t wait to be out there again ?
  10. I love FIB as much as anyone but even I’m struggling to big this year up. It’s so fucking poor. Looks like the cash has well and truly dried up.
  11. You should of done Benicasim! That’s a bit of both too! Although the line up isn’t that great this year so maybe pick another year! ?
  12. Done the whole weekend. Louis Berry was the highlight for me. Noel was boring as fuck.
  13. Stayed here 2 years ago and can vouch for this hotel as being great. Good luck mate I’m sure somebody will snap it up.
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