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  1. with_tired_eyes

    Mad Cool 2018

    Isn't there a saying "what goes around, comes around?" - so if you're always the first to ask people boycott anything you should'nt be surprised if someone does that to you. (I alsorefer to another german festival, as you mentioned - last years pop.kultur) Well, from a german point of view, this BDS thing (I only watch this from british bands) is kind of strange. But, I don't want to do a big discussion here: if you think you should support that, do that, but also live with it, if there are some consequences.
  2. with_tired_eyes

    Lowlands Festival 2018 (17th - 19th August)

    New: Nile Rodgers & CHIC, The Tallis Scholars, Blaudzun, Miles Kane, ZHU, Portico Quartet, Alika & Nueva Alianza, Amenra, Amyl and The Sniffers, Arp Frique & Family, Carista, GAIKA, Jayda G, Moose Blood, Nakhane, Pythius, Sons of Kemet, SOPHIE (dj-set + visuals), Thunderpussy, Yung Feurich Check out Amenra. Best current Liveact.
  3. with_tired_eyes

    Mad Cool 2018

    Who's going to set up a petition to stop Young Fathers playing? These double-standard crykids.
  4. with_tired_eyes

    Primavera Sound 2019

    Don't forget NOS Alive (Lisboa) !
  5. with_tired_eyes

    Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    So it looks like this festival sends out journalists accreditations the evening before the festival. :-( I mean, if it would'nt be 700 km, okay, but...
  6. with_tired_eyes

    Primavera Sound 2019

    The Cure.
  7. with_tired_eyes

    Mad Cool 2018

    The 2 times I saw QOTSA they were pretty boring - especially at festivals. And Josh Homme is an asshole. So I would advise Portugal. The Man. Yes, the trains will be running during the wohle night, as the festival announced some weeks before.
  8. with_tired_eyes

    Mad Cool 2018

    I think you can't compare it to the previous editions - new place, much bigger festival, new stages...
  9. with_tired_eyes

    Mad Cool 2018

    Kaleo could be a good liveexperience.
  10. with_tired_eyes

    Mad Cool 2018

    Thursday: Start with Eels vs. Toundra - Fleet Foxes or Leon Bridges, Yo la tengo - Pearl Jam - Justice. Friday: ATDI - Snow Patrol - Ben Howard - Perfume Genius - Jack White (or Odesza maybe) - AM and some Songs of AIC to check a band of my youth - Massive Attack - Bloody Beetroots, if possible. Saturday: Wolf Alice - Rag'n'Bone Man - Kaleo - PTM - Depeche Mode - NIN - Dua Lipa
  11. with_tired_eyes

    Mad Cool 2018

    Give that user an upvote!
  12. with_tired_eyes

    Mad Cool 2018

    And BRMC vs. Depeche Mode. That sucks.
  13. with_tired_eyes

    Mad Cool 2018

    Justice vs. Kasabian. :-(
  14. with_tired_eyes

    Mad Cool 2018

    Well, it's a good strategy: if you disappoint often enough, people will be happy if you post it at last - even the timetable is awful ;-)
  15. with_tired_eyes

    Melt Festival 2018

    Timetable: https://meltfestival.de/de/runningorder/