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  1. + Missy Elliot ? https://www.dodmagazine.es/mad-cool-2019-confirma-a-cat-power-johnny-marr-gossip-lauryn-hill/
  2. Beer selection was: You can buy a small beer, or a so called big one. (9 € for 0,5-0,7 l). Better don't buy that crap.
  3. It's already there and it's bad for an act like ben howard to play in the evening. https://www.lollapaloozade.com/running-order/
  4. Can confirm that. 2017 was great, The XX had the best open-air-sound I've ever heard.
  5. To get from the festival to our hostel at gran via it was also quite easy: take the U-8, go to the waiting busses there which went to cibelles and walk a little. Time taken: 40 minutes(?), extra money taken: 0, because of a valid tourist ticket.
  6. I think The Cure will play. They will do shows in the near future and they've been there in 2012. And: to throw a name in the ring: Tool ?!?
  7. I liked the AM-Performance, but can understand, if somebody does not... the Koko had a perfect sound when I went there for Ben Howard and Kaleo. Radio Station Stage was terrible (during Marmozets and Portugal The Man)
  8. Good summary! The thursday-chaos doesn't happen to me, luckily, so my main problematic point was this: Especially because of the point that the same people dislike if you dance a little bit more intense or even start a moshpit in the first rows at the NIN-Gig (which includes mainly germans and brits) while you've heard a lot of talking during hurt. NIN, Depeche Mode and Ben Howard where incredible. And: Am I the only one who thinks that Alex Turner tries to look and act like Nick Cave?
  9. The plan looks like it's very small. I'm just thinking of how could it work that Loop and Thunder Bitch are so close toghether and have shared time-slots for their artists?
  10. Melt. But with a special ticket.
  11. Good news. But as you can see here, the line will not go to the town centre: https://www.esmadrid.com/sites/default/files/documentos/plano_metro_madrid_01072017.pdf So it will help, but just a little.
  12. I think that's the back view - the festivalground will have that fake grass, which is shown in many pictures.
  13. They've postet a "240.000 thanks" message at facebook, so there will be 80.000 people per day.
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