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  1. Peanutsinger

    Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)

    Loved the band and Scott was a nice guy. It was always clear he was a troubled soul. Still never thought this would happen. RIP Scott.
  2. Peanutsinger

    Belladrum 2018

    Further announcements of Paloma Faith, The Charlatans and The Supernaturals today. Amy McDonald had previously been confirmed as a headliner and Frightened Rabbit to headline the Hot House stage. Craig Charles is on the bill as well. I like The Charlatans and Frightened Rabbit. Any McDonald is ok, but her days of being a headliner has past in my opinion. She didn't have the pulling power to sell out the 7000 capacity Party at the Palace. I notice Paloma Faith has stepped up to an arena tour this year too. I didn't think she was that big and her recent TV performances have been disappointing. She sounds as if she sings through her nose now. I'm half tempted. The last headliner has to be a big band to convince me. What's the thought of everyone? Any good rumours?
  3. Peanutsinger

    Run DMC as Saturday headliner

    They played Moving On later in the set. I've no idea what the song was they skipped. They barely even started, but it was very slow.
  4. Peanutsinger

    Run DMC as Saturday headliner

    It was more the way he stopped the song and then made it sound like an insult toward the crowd. It didn't come across well at all. It's a big ask to expect complete silence.
  5. Peanutsinger

    Run DMC as Saturday headliner

    I don't remember the penis bit, but I think it was 2014 maybe 2015. They had pulled a black curtain right across the top tier. The one thing that stood out was when they started off playing off a low key song and Tim suddenly stopped due to a little background noise. He said something along the lines of "Glasgow on a Saturday night isn't place to be doing this........." It came across as rude and the crowd did boo a bit. It was a bit awkward.
  6. Peanutsinger

    Run DMC as Saturday headliner

    It's a very small and amateurish festival. It's not a big deal at all. Most of the custom is oldies that won't leave their deckchairs. The Lightning Seeds nearly pulled last year after learning The Sun was involved. It turns out The Sun only sponsor the breakout stage and The Lightning Seeds reconsidered their last minute pull out. That stage was the size of a car and had bad pub bands playing any time I went up. It's not a big deal. Likewise it's only supported by the local Forth radio and not across the Bauer radio network. Is Glen's Platinum vodka a big hitter? They never had much presence other than a ball pit and the vodka being served behind the bar. The bars were empty all day. Never once did we have to stop as they had more people serving than drinking. The festival is far too small to be worthwhile throwing big money behind. The capacity is 7000 and it was far from a sell out on Sunday last year. They do give some money to local charities, but it's very much a profit making event. The last time I went to see James Live was at The Hydro supported by Starsailor. The complete top tier and half the second tier was all closed off. Great band, but they aren't the attraction they once were. They also headlined that farcical festival in Liverpool last year.
  7. Peanutsinger

    Run DMC as Saturday headliner

    James are headlining Party at the Palace in Linlithgow this year. It's only a small 7000 capacity festival.
  8. Peanutsinger

    What's everyone think then?

    I really enjoyed my first visit to Kendal Calling last year. Sadly that line up isn't worth us coming back down this year. None of the headliners interest me at all. Run DMC is a strange booking. It should still be good fun, but I'll try something new this year.
  9. Peanutsinger

    Hands Up If You Hate The Hotpots

    Add me to the list. I don't get them at all.
  10. Peanutsinger

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    It's all a bit predictable isn't it? Liam Gallagher has done very well to raise the profile of his new album. It'll be forgotten by July and his placement as a headliner will seem odd.
  11. Peanutsinger

    Who would you like to headline in 2018

    As long as Rick brings along his new best friends. There's some colourful language at the start.
  12. Peanutsinger

    Half way to selling out already

    Presented with such interest who wouldn't take advantage of the demand? I've heard figures from 25,000-35,000 for this year. It's always hard to guess, but I thought the top estimate was more accurate. There was a lot of people. No Glastonbury and people avoiding Y Not there is a market there for Kendal Calling to be a big festival. Question is will they do that and is it what the regulars want?
  13. Peanutsinger

    Standout act of the festival

    Cheers. The links worked as soon as I clicked over to desktop. Thursday was one video rather than individual sets, but that's all I need. There's no sub forum for it, bit I'm standing in the queue for Party at the Palace. I'm here with my daughter.l so it won't be a drunken festival. We've got Kaiser Chiefs, Ash and The Lightening Seeds as today's main bands. I've never seen Ash before, but the Kaiser Chiefs are always great.
  14. Peanutsinger

    Standout act of the festival

    Have all the Twitch streams been removed? I sat down to watch them tonight and can't get the page to load.
  15. Peanutsinger

    Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    I see the dodgy guy that everyone is blaiming isn't listed as a director of the company at Companies House. It's his wife! Sounds even more dodgy.
  16. Peanutsinger

    Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    This is going to be a long drawn-out saga. I can't see a good ending for those looking for a refund.
  17. Peanutsinger

    Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    It'll be interesting to hear the real reasons. Announcement due by noon tomorrow. The guy is hardly gaining any friends with his attitude.
  18. Peanutsinger

    Emporers fields

    Do the Emperor fields sell out fast? We'd consider coming back down if the line up is as good. I'm not so sure of buying tickets too far in advance. The Monday morning was a hard slog this year and the car being close by would help a lot if the weather hits again.
  19. Peanutsinger

    Y Not Festival 2017

    I was at Kendal Calling this year and really enjoyed it. It did stand out a mile about the lack of security there. Luckily it appears most people were in good spirits and we didn't have bad groups like Y Not had. Hopefully Kendal Calling prepares ahead for next year and not get caught short. Reading the comments I do think people expect too much and jump on the bandwagon when there's issues. The amount of people that expect to fall out their car and land on the campsite, the arena to be a stone's throw away from their tent, everything to be silent in the campsite and the grass to be like a bowling green is getting stronger. Too many people turning up are just a bit too delicate to be going. The Hope and Glory Festival appears to be one complete and utter mess. I'm seeing a lot of comments of duplicate tickets, people being given wristbands they weren't entitled to and people sneaking in. It sounded dangerously overcrowded.
  20. Peanutsinger

    Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    I see that Y Not are giving back 50% of the ticket cost to everyone. I can see this company collapsing and nobody getting a penny.
  21. Peanutsinger

    Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    Sounds like a proper mess. How could they possibly misjudge things that badly? I appreciate it was their first festival, but they would have had to adhere and get guidance from the police and the council. It sounds as of there was loads of duplicate tickets.
  22. Peanutsinger

    Who's in for 2017?

    BBC Alba's coverage is much better this year in every aspect. I've enjoyed watching bits.
  23. Peanutsinger

    Camper van field hell

    Doesn't that make a bit of sense though? If the tractor was driving up and down the field he'd make things even worse.
  24. Peanutsinger

    Feedback on 2017 - good, bad, shite weather !

    We quickly learned that the left side wasn't that busy all weekend. Looking from further back it's really hard to see these pockets of space.
  25. Peanutsinger

    Armed police to patrol Kendal calling

    Was that the young beige Labrador? There was two dogs as we went in. The first just constantly sniffed a young girl's bum. The Labrador just wanted to play with people. I never seen any police inside at all. I didn't see any incidents that they were required. We stayed in Great Holmes. Other that the steward standing on the door of the campervans there wasn't much security either. I did on numerous occasions go through to the campervan area to use their toilets. I wasn't asked for a campervan wrist band. We didn't have any trouble, but a few of the tents near us didn't fill me with confidence. There was a right idiot who launched a large bottle full of pee across a few tents. I feel sorry for the clean up staff as there was lots of people leaving everything. The tents behind us didn't even bother with a bin bag all weekend. We did take all of our stuff. I can't pretend I wasn't knackered after going from Great Holmes to the red car park. I'll look out for the line up next year and plan better if we are going to travel down again.

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