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  1. My Chem announced for Download Japan.
  2. Haim next year? Not headline but maybe third down?
  3. 1975 continue to destroy. Foo's still absolutely effortlessly at the top. Was too fucked to see 21p and Post (sun and beer got to me) so ended my festival on Poppy, fcking bonkers. Charli XCX gets a special mention, she was a ton of fun.
  4. Lorde is better than half the dross we've had in recent years. A fantastic performer. It would be an inspired choice. If she can smash it again with her third album then she should.
  5. Slipknot // Lorde // RHCP Would eat that the fuck up.
  6. Last time I went mine came literally on the Wednesday before I left to go on the Thursday. Anxiety was through't roof. The website says if you havent recieved your ticket 5 days before the event then to contact them so arrangements can be made to pick it up at the Box Office. So if you don't get them by say 1pm tomorrow I'd definitely ring them up.
  7. Why has he been slapped on Main on a day when its literally just Rock besides him anyway? The other days have a bit more variety there so its random to me to have him surrounded by just one genre.
  8. So if I don't wanna watch Post the only other options to finish my weekend are Andy C and Mura Masa. Great.
  9. Aye fair enough. Shoulda have figured the same really.
  10. https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/best-in-leeds/gigs-clubs/leeds-festival-2019-set-times-16662681
  11. How much credence are we giving to the supposed leak set times?
  12. Still ain't got mine yet. Last time I went they came literally on the fucking Wendesday before I left on the Thursday. My heart can't be having that again this year. Just send me them! I've paid for the bastards.
  13. What setlist do you think we'll be getting with The 1975? Looking at what they've done at Benicassm etc. Its decent but lacking some songs I'd desperately miss.
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