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  1. I'm the opposite ! I'm usually more interested in the undercard. I can't be doing with Kate Tempest and Jarvis does nowt for me. I'm sure I'll find enough to keep me occupied, though. I'd like to see TVAM, DJ Food, SPQR. And definitely The Clangers.
  2. What's confusing me is that on the line-up page and the news page of this site, there are several acts mentioned e.g. Talkboy, SPQR, Oshun, Werkha (and maybe others) which I cannot find mentioned in any of the official Bluedot announcements or in the app. I bought an early bird ticket before they made any announcements and have to say I'm slightly underwhelmed so far.....
  3. I particularly enjoyed some talented shouty youngsters, Shame and The Dead Pretties. There were a couple of half-decent Krautrock bands, WH Lung & Warm Digits - not bad, but they're no Follakzoid. Then there was the folk-infused Psych of Trembling Bells, Wolf People & Circulus. Trembling Bells were excellent, Wolf People okay and then there was Circulus who sounded like medieval folk with some added Moog. The Circulus ladies wore medieval costumes. It was frankly peculiar. It's a (hey-nonny-)no from me ! I saw a shedload of young ladies with guitars singing miserable, heartbreakingly sad songs: Jessica Pratt, Julie Byrne, Nadia Reid, Siobhan Wilson - fortunately I like that sort of thing. Saw PJ Harvey for old time's sake, but much prefer the stuff she did in the previous millennium. Also enjoyed Oh Sees. Did anyone see what happened with security? Some lad who appeared to be clutching a large,wrapped-up painting pushed his way to the front and talked to the security. All of a sudden he jumped the barrier and the security jumped on him. Don't know if it was just some random wackjob or maybe just a big fan trying to get to the stage...? Would have liked to check out Aldous Harding and maybe Liars. I avoided Kate Tempest & Future Islands like the plague. I actually enjoyed the fireworks. Usually I reckon if you've seen one lot of fireworks you've seen them all, but these were quite spectacular!
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