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  1. The 23rd is a Thursday sooo we'll just be waking up for the first morning stroll to the longdrops and treating ourselves to a tasty breakfast, with a good amount of faff in between, obviously. It's weird the things you look forward to, isn't it??
  2. I think I need to take a Flexi day for Glastonbury mourning...
  3. A-ha! This makes sense 🙂 And the clouds didn't come back until Monday morning, as I recall. What a crazy year
  4. Hahahaha that's exactly what I was thinking!! He doesn't have yellow skin for a start.
  5. I really can't see me getting much work done today. My laptop normally goes on before 8. Here I still am with a cup of tea absorbed in EFestivals. More pics please everyone!!
  6. 2019. Trekking the newbies up the hill to see THAT view. Drinking some ciders. And then on the Thursday finding refuge for most of the afternoon in a very glorious Strummerville. Right at the top of the hill. Stayed there all afternoon there until Frank Turner. Blissful.
  7. I forgot it was cloudy in the morning - @paulshane's pic certainly confirms in. When did the sun come out?? I think we arrived around 1.30pm. I'm sure it was sunny then, although not as ridiculous as the Wednesday of 2017. The very short walk from the coaches to pylon seemed to take forever that year. Just remembered that two of my friends got the coach and the bus driver drove off with all their tickets. Took a lot of faffing about at their end to get in!
  8. Yes, me too! I might change my zoom background to the Glastonbury sign. Make everyone where I work (the civil service) think I'm mental. That ought to help! Enjoy the sun 🙂
  9. Good morning @deebeedoobee! I confess, I'm still in bed. Feeling a little grumpy (and had one gin too many watching the football with my neighbours). Your post has cheered me up a though! Look at that blue sky! It would have been a lush day indeed.
  10. Should be on the coach having just left Sheffield. My friends three sisters would have been coming for the first time so would have been quite the crew of us getting the coach down. Excitement levels through the roof! Ah well. Less than 365 days to go guys! 🙂
  11. Hmmm you were well ahead of the game (and every weather site I looked at) at predicting this weather....
  12. Aye, I've been checking for my Fake Glasto on Saturday. Its got considerably worse since this morning. 22 degrees and sunny yesterday down to 18 and rainy today. I had forgotten about the rollercoaster ride that is British weather!!!!
  13. How??? I had friends stuck coming from London for hours. I got the train. Ended up being the first one there and getting very drunk on JD Honey. Went to meet them hours later at one of the gates, where they found me passed out on some woodchip. Great times!
  14. 2017, on the Thursday at this time drinking mojitos. Had a wee panic that I couldn't remember what happened on the Wednesday evening. The answer is JD Honey by the fire on the hill after the fireworks 🙂
  15. Aaaah I love this video! Haha aaaah why a year.
  16. These weather gods. They can really be total fuckers, can't they?
  17. Ok. I'm coming!!!!! I have to be at the pub for 8...but no different to having to run off to meet a mate at the Bandstand or wherever
  18. Aah don't worry, I have it covered. A full Fake Glasto in the garden. Weather permitting!!
  19. Oh my. This is very different to mine!
  20. I'm all good thanks 🙂 I've been dipping in and out over the past few months, but with some festivals announcing recently, that's been on the increase. And obvs now it's Glasto week, I need somewhere to vent - no one else understands my desire to get excited about a festival that isn't even on!
  21. I've been checking the weather every few hours in prep for Saturday's fake Glastonbury. Almost matters more if its pissing it down when you're just having some beers and a projector in the garden! No rain currently predicted across multiple weather outlets, but it's still nailbiting stuff. And I'm so far north that @deebeedoobee's well and mudstick are of no use to me!
  22. Fuzz!!!! We've been worrying about you! And yes, very excited about QOTSA. They're on the schedule for our Fake Glasto 🙂
  23. This time in a year!!!! 💖 This time I might take the Monday and Tuesday off too. Treat myself to a night over in Bath or something the night before. The schlep from Glasgow isn't that appealing. So ideally right now I'll be having cider outside in some wonderful beer garden barely containing my excitement for getting aboard the coach the next morning 🙂
  24. God, the amount of times in the last few days that I've pondered how intolerable my excitement levels would be by this point!
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