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  1. I asked my Mum if she knew who Gareth Southgate was. Even she said he seemed like a lovely man.
  2. Oh, nice! When are these on sale?
  3. Eeeep sounds painful. Resting sounds like a good option but can be hard to do sometimes....especially as the pain eases off a bit and you wanna get back into it. Hope the salt bath helped a wee bit!
  4. Right then. Less than a year to go! The last week has been mega sunny in Glasgow and consequently, I've been too much sitting in the sun (drinking beers) to do any exercise. Just one Insanity in the garden on Tues morning, although MY GOD did I feel that. So, back on it from tomorrow. Sadly the zoom workouts with my friends that I did four nights a week all through lockdown have ended. It's much harder to motivate myself to work out in the evenings, so might need a new form of accountability.
  5. Haha this sounds very much like me!!!!
  6. Do you then get the train or coach? Maybe @jparx had the right idea. Getting up early and taking the tent down is awful. One year we didn't get the coach back to Sheffield until 10.30ish. That was actually ok. Got some breakfast, packed up in the sun and then slept back to Sheffield. Glasgow is an entirely different ballgame though. So next year, I was thinking about staying overnight at a hotel in Bristol, and travelling back on Tuesday. That doesn't make actually getting off site any easier though...
  7. My friend is a teacher and he always arrived around 6pm on the Friday. And he definitely thinks it's worth it!
  8. I wouldn't mind the final blow out being wet. Bit of a nightmare packing up in the pissing down rain when your already trying not to vomit...but it definitely would have been worth it. Still dry in Glasgow, and a beautiful week ahead 🙂
  9. I'm out of upvotes, but this little dude looks class. Enjoy!
  10. BBC saying overnight thursday rain, clearing up by 9am friday, and then dry until Sunday morning 3am. "Showers" all through Sunday. I don't think that's too bad! I'd take it (even without the covid-desperation) Weirdly though, Glasgow weather actually seems to be better. Fake Glasto is a go in my garden! Annoyingly it gets super hot and sunny from Sunday onwards but ill take 18 and cloudy thanks very much
  11. Haha! Amazing! I didn't realise it before, but turns out I do actually love that noise
  12. Lush photo!!! In the aftermath of the super hot 2019 Saturday when I'd been forced to spend about three hours hiding in the acoustic tent from the sun, I did wonder how I forgot about The Glade. Would have been a lush place to find refuge. Although maybe it was rammed ....
  13. Ah, that's funny you say about the mood. I watched that England game in the pub at home whilst working as a bar maid. Some guys from the nearby town came over and there ended up being a massive brawl that spilled out into the high street. We had to close the bar for half an hour and I believe a riot van turned up. Ridiculous. So there were a lot of folk who had gone off to watch it then? Was the Saturday evening, as I recall?
  14. Damn, out of upvotes. Hi Woffy! Glad to have you back 🙂 Although I admit to having been a very casual lurker myself over recent months.
  15. Ah so they do sometimes show the football! Presumably this was because it was a Thursday though? Have they ever shown a game Fri-Sun? I've seen this talked about before on here but I can't remember the conclusion..
  16. Oooh! I've still never been into the Rabbit Hole. Always a queue, or it seems to be the wrong entrance or whatever. Are you involved with running it? I'll be 37. Genuinely concerned that my ability to not go to bed on Friday and power through until sunrise Sunday morning is going to be somewhat compromised by then.
  17. Oh gosh. There probably should have been a comma in tber somewhere... 😆
  18. Hmmm ok. This explains the differences! I'm going with the BBC (overcast at 19degrees on Saturday).
  19. Do you need to be there mega early to camp there? Excellent photos @JoeyT! Even if they do make 2016 look pretty bleak. Is that Strummerville in the top one?
  20. Ive checked about six different weather outlets for Glasgow's Saturday forecast (and our FakeGlastonbury in the garden). Ranging from 12 degrees (!) and raining to 19 degrees and no rain/sunny intervals. 21 and sunny predicted for Sunday across the board What the hell?
  21. I can't work out if it's making me feel better or worse, haha! Definitely vey distracting. Just thought about 2015 when I failed to get a ticket. Remember being incredibly glum knowing it was going on without me. This is definitely better than that!!
  22. I'm also worried that if I moved camping areas now, I'd find myself back in Pylon anyway on drunken autopilot wondering where the hell my tent was.
  23. Haha of course. Assuming I hadn't been to over excited and drunk on Wednesday afternoon to forget to go in the first place.
  24. Ah yes, the Wednesday vibes are amazing 🙂 I've never seen the 4.30am queue though! Maybe one time I should, and get into some prime-locale camping. I do love Pylon though...
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