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  1. Anyone had their volunteer deposit back yet?
  2. Thanks! The shady camping spot sounds ideal. Hopefully there's still room for my tent there when I arrive.
  3. Thanks for the info! I'm going tomorrow since that's what I've been told as a new volunteer and I'm working today. Looking at public transport options I'll be arriving around noon too, hopefully there'll still be plenty of decent camping spots.
  4. I got in! see you there. What time do most volunteers typically turn up to camp on the Wednesday?
  5. I'd be up for it. Also stewarding with Oxfam and going alone.
  6. Thanks for the response! Sounds great. And yep, only heard of a small handful of the acts but would love to go. Really hoping a space comes up and will definitely be up for a bar crawl if one does
  7. Ah yeah, it's saying sold out. Shame. Have signed up for an alert if more spaces become available.
  8. 1. The Cure 2. Hot Chip 3. Kate Tempest
  9. Had a lovely time up there on (I think) Thursday, sat back in the shade and just people watching. At one point a fully nude elderly woman appeared out of nowhere and walked stoically through the heat, only to disappear into the ether. There was also a group of people dressed all in green who were running up to people and serenading them with instruments. Lovely chilled vibes all round.
  10. In an effort to ease post Glastonbury blues I'm considering volunteering as an Oxfam steward for my first WOMAD...can anyone who has done it before tell me about their experiences? I'll be by myself so I guess that's the main thing I'm worried about. cheers!
  11. And yet they didn't reply to my email asking if they were still looking for people. hmm... I still want to apply but it's slightly worrying that they seem a bit disorganised based on what people have said? So I'm a tiny bit hesitant considering how close it is to the festival and having to pay the deposit straight up on your application form
  12. Ah great, thanks. ? Reckon I'm going to go for it in that case, even though the worst shifts are a given at this stage! I'd be disappointed to miss Teenage Fanclub and John Grant but I guess I can catch them elsewhere in the autumn. Should be a good experience.
  13. Me too! Are they even still accepting applications though? I know it says they are on the website but it seems really short notice...I emailed the stewarding team earlier but have had no response ? Suddenly decided I really wanna go!
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