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  1. DeeplyBopper

    Glastonbury 2017 Awards

    Best Act: Radiohead Best Song: Fake Plastic Trees Best Discovery: First Aid Kit Most Frequented Stage: Other
  2. DeeplyBopper

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    I have to say as a casual fan I was sat down for at least half of the first hour of the set. The second hour was amazing though! It's a shame about the screens, a lot of people around me left quite early on because of them. And, although Creep isn't my favourite Radiohead song, I was very very happy when they played it!! I cried like a baby during Fake Plastic Trees.
  3. DeeplyBopper

    Secret Glasto text alerts

    Woohoo! Got my text within a few mins of the tweet Feeling well prepared now!
  4. DeeplyBopper

    Worthy warriors

    Wahey another email! Feeling quite popular this afternoon!
  5. DeeplyBopper

    confirmed food vendors 2017

    Yes!! My favourite. The onion bhajis are to die for
  6. DeeplyBopper

    The Poster - Pick One Artist per line

    1. Radiohead 2. Biffy 3. Stormzy 4. Lorde 5. Solange 6. First Aid Kit 7. Haim 8. Father John Misty 9. Dizzee Rascal 10. Kate Tempest 11. The Avalanches 12. Sampha 13. London Grammar 14. The Lemon Twigs 15. Craig David 16. Shaggy! 17. British Sea Power 18. Halsey 19. Cinematic Orchestra 20. Noisia 21. Birdy
  7. DeeplyBopper

    Bon Iver 2017

    Not losing hope until full lineup is released. Would make my year to finally see BI live after so long & the disappointment of the tour cancellation.
  8. DeeplyBopper

    Festival Bags

    Backpack for booze/poncho/loo roll etc and small bum bag for phone & purse!
  9. DeeplyBopper

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Evening all I've never really listened to Radiohead before, only know the more well known songs (i.e. creep, karma police, no surprises, high & dry etc), all of which I really like. I'm interested in listening to more, but I'm finding the sheer about of music a bit daunting! I don't really know where to start! Can anyone recommend to me their top 10-15 'must listen to' songs? Or maybe what album should I listen to first? Cheers!
  10. DeeplyBopper

    Acts missing from line up?

    Bon Iver I had tickets to see them on their European tour that they cancelled and I was holding out hope for a glasto appearance but.. sigh Got my hopes up when they were on all the fake posters!!