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  1. Interesting update from my friend who knows somebody who works in a unnamed publication around the area.. He says MCR are playing Eden Sessions on Glasto week. That'll sure fire up some rumours when announced.
  2. Sameeeee. Begging for Saturday Other headline still.
  3. Yeah I see that. Also is the general view that the 3 headliners are already booked in?
  4. Where has this Kendrick rumour come from? Sweet lord these rumoured headliners are outragously big
  5. Thats great as he was the one of the three i'm not that fussed about. 1975 & Taylor would be incredible
  6. A bit out of the loop here. I've only just braved coming back to these forums now I actually have tickets for 2020. So what we saying Friday - 1975 Saturday - Macca Sunday - Taylor Swift
  7. They literally searched 1 out of our party of 30, and with him they only took a few things out of the top of his rucksack. The search was not thorough haha
  8. My favourite quote from his talk was "I don't want any bad boys getting into the festival on my shift, I'm the only bad boy here". Our group were trying our very hardest to not cry with laughter
  9. Yeah we also had this and it became quite the meme of our festival to be honest. Was hilarious
  10. We’ve just tucked up at the front near the gate. Can’t be long now
  11. This is the front of the queue yeah ?
  12. Place to chat about any action happening on PGB as the day gets busier
  13. We’re at PGB and got here at 830 last night. Quite close to the front now
  14. Because I enjoy using Instagram and taking photos which has literally zero effect on your life?
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