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  1. Thanks! Thats as I read it but just wasn’t sure. We have the plan in place and the children only pair would only get bought if the adult pair bag some (and locations are all close). It’s being massively over optimistic to think we will get 1 pair never mind a chance for a second pair but if for some magical reason it happened we need to have a plan!
  2. Hello. Does anyone know if there are any minimum age restrictions for children traveling on coaches without an adult. We are sorting groups for the resale and it maybe that one group is 2 14 year olds. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  3. Jackal1

    Emily interview

    Tipi Village is a big area to relocate
  4. Jackal1

    Emily interview

    Not a great photo but the Tipi Park looks like it’s on a fairly flat area before it ramps up.
  5. Hi. Can anyone remember the sequence of the sale previously. Is it reg details first then choose what you are after (west camper) or the other way round? Thanks.
  6. Great thanks. I don't suppose you know what sort of times available. We are thinking Thursday but early if possible.
  7. Hello. Can anyone confirm that you can in fact choose your times for coaches from Bristol. Also where do the coaches from Bristol depart from. Many Thanks.
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