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  1. inb4 people living in Reading book the eurostar
  2. We all know RATM is going to be on the lineup, and the rest is going to be the weakest ever. EVER.
  3. brb posting on twitter and saying its real
  4. Rage against the machine to announce their world tour including Reading Festival. RnL twitter jokingly tweets "fuck not another self confirmed headliner"
  5. They nail 3 rocky headliners + LG and then have rap dross all over the rest of the lineup to try to appeal to a mixed market and fuck up immensely
  6. jesus christ hes said like 20 things
  7. He lives with him and edits his videos
  8. yeah whats it called? I remember he kept posting it
  9. I've never seen anyone use "TS" and "BC" before
  10. And 3 will pull out before the lineup
  11. How many lil's do we think are on the lineup tomorrow? I think 3. I'm hoping for 0
  12. I love Don Broco. He's absolutely ripped!
  13. Probably 430, also known as 9am tomorrow
  14. It didn't kill anything. Once it was full it was full, and if the band's decent it was good atmosphere
  15. So Biffy and RATM nailed along with LG. Has to be a rap headliner for the last, probably to co with LG or Biffy
  16. Cant remember but I think an artist did it early
  17. So they already know the lineup. And they created that fake RATM tweet too
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