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  1. fuuuuuuuuuuucks sake. I looked at what tramlines was last year haha
  2. Youre right.. ive trawled through the info from last year with acts that confirmed what stages they were on and adjusted this mock slightly..
  3. No Clue. I don't know in Fontaine's are as big as IDLES, but maybe similar popularity as DMAs? I really have no idea. I based it on that thr1st announcement in 2019 had Don Broco the same font size as the subs, but Johnny Marr was added.
  4. There's a waiting list, just saw that on royal bloods tweet
  5. ITs suuuuch a pain fiddling by cropping from the poster announced, and I thoguht i'd add the hot 8 brass band, but couldn't be bothered changing the colour while keeping the logo in. Theres quite a few smaller bands that I don't know that I may have put in the market/main but could be on the nest I guess, but I think based on last years day split poster and the placements on 1st announcement, it would be something similar to that.
  6. If its Kooks on sunday i'll go home early
  7. Lewis Capaldi co headline with KSI, Calvin Harris, Oasis reunion Sorry it's Mcfly not Oasis reunion
  8. Lewis Capaldi self confirmed
  9. Yeah, I also got chucked straight in to tier 3 tickets, costing just under £160 for 2...
  10. Probably partially why those dates were moved a year. Probably be touring a new album in 2022
  11. its digital. I believe you can send them to someone else who has the app too
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