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  1. What was the tube like leaving?
  2. The person that said "who even is that?" hahahha
  3. Did anyone see that idiot that climbed the sound tower during Foos yesterday? What a knob, started doing some parkour swinging shit on the way down too.
  4. Reading was really good for water. At all the stages the security was filling up people's bottles quickly. Was a new queue system for refill stations too
  5. I've never seen so many phones at reading festival
  6. Has the 1975 time changed again?
  7. Thanks for the link, hoping the link for the live feed is easier to find at 1, than it is right now
  8. Anywhere to get coverage of the main stage/Radio 1 tent. Seems to be getting worse and worse each year the coverage
  9. Foals pretty much confirmed it on Annie Mac, in the same way as QOTSA - think it was 25th of August, as I bought saturday tickets just to see them
  10. I had sound issues at main stage when in between the two soundtowers and the main stage at any large act. Decided to just stick back behind the soundtowers for two door and it sounded great.
  11. I was told by someone ITK that the festival oversold by a HUGE amount, and there was way over 22.5k people attending this year.
  12. Hmm.. was there any storms there last night? Sat and sunday looks like it might be a bit of rain. Maybe the ground will still be fine?
  13. Whats the ground like? Coming tomorrow and weather looks crap for the weekend
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