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  1. Apparently last year over sold, and there was at least 21k people attending the festival
  2. This year hasn't sold out yet
  3. I think people are forgetting, The Kooks are subbing the cheapest day at Victorious Festival... APE should be aiming higher
  4. There was probably 5 people wanting The Kooks to start playing music again, and about 1,000 people wanting to here Naive live
  5. This is probably him everytime hes drunk
  6. The Strokes playing Roundhouse next week. What festivals are left for them
  7. Who is the headliner that is now at Boardmasters, and has a UK tour not sold out yet?
  8. All that extra money they got from people not requesting a refund last year
  9. Think he means for Royal Blood
  10. "sorry we don't value you as a higher placed act, even though you've sold out bigger shows since then, so here you are being a special guest with a slightly longer than normal set for third down"
  11. Migos is subbing, its because Stormzy's name isnt over two lines. There is a gap between Gerry and D block (Top 3 acts have their band font, not the festivals font)
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