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  1. Disagree. I've seen them in the radio 1 tent and main stage, and prefer radio 1 tent a lot. The atmosphere was so much better for them
  2. You could say the same with Citadel and Communion with Mumford, but alas...
  3. http://milanorocks.it/tickets Does anyone know much about this festival? Looks like they are selling "pit" tickets and "Seated" tickets?
  4. Stuielooie


    Yeah. Refreshed at 8:59:30 and chose 2. Took me 10 minutes to check out and put details in. Came up with a crashed page 3 times. Just refreshed and waited. Card details went in. That went down, but my starling app said I'd paid £88 to Concorde 2.
  5. Stuielooie


    Went to their last show at concorde 2 in December 2013, and that was... wet
  6. Saturday apparently sold out
  7. Thought Vampire Weekend were great last night, I don't think they could ever be higher up on festival stages, and not too sure if I'll goto Ally Pally
  8. 25 quid makes it seem a bit better edit: nvm im an idiot
  9. Stuielooie


    Annoyingly the banquet Kingston show was undersold and they are keeping tickets for over the till closer to the show date. If they sold the full amount of tickets Foals would've bagged no1
  10. Got tickets for EartH this morning, hoping for a second ally pally date
  11. Stuielooie


    In the box set they sold theres space for pt 2
  12. Is there any place to see these figures live?
  13. Stuielooie


    Yannis used to get people to sit down at the start of the song during Holy Fire era
  14. Stuielooie


    So jealous of everyone that went last night. Hoping for a banquet records gig for pt 2.
  15. Stuielooie


    I feel like there werent any filler songs on it, like there was with WWD. Liked every song first listen this album. Think the headline bangers come from pt 2
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