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  1. Really digging John Talabot and Octa Octa from what I've heard so far. And look the new single is even Pitchfork approved
  2. Basoa it is, thanks for the heads up. Nice to discover new names, even if only DJ's. Honey Dijon is certainly worth checking out too.
  3. Just saw this on social media. I don't really understand Spanish but it seems to indicate news / new names will be announced (very) soon. Looking forward! El #Bilbaobbklive ha sido ganador del premio #Festivalofthefuture en innovación en escenarios por nuestro espacio en BASOA Atentos que muy pronto vendremos con novedades...🌲
  4. Stephen Malkus or Panda Bear? The Last Shadow Puppets is one too, but very unlikely to tour now. No, The Good, the Bad and the Queen, Big Red Machine or The Raconteurs seem more obvious possibilities. And we already have Thom and Julian ofcourse.
  5. I feel like it might as easily be Monday, January 7. I believ some (Spanish) festivals are raising prices that day. Maybe they share a big name, say KSG/Kanye or Kendrick?
  6. + Kraftwerk 3D who will close the saturday night.
  7. The Strokes and Sterolab soft-confirm?
  8. Could it also be an act from the 2016 line up coming back? Say the Prodigy or Neil Young?
  9. Despite the lack of posts here, this years RW Lonercamp was a great succes. We had a group of 12 to 16 people and we really had a blast. Happy people, the great lineup and wether did the rest. Would recommend joining a group to anyone that may go next year!
  10. I think it's pretty safe to assume the smallest font (3 + 1 + 0 + 4 so far) will be Slope names. The three names without a date will probably join them too if they they don need to fill (unannounced) cancellations. Must say this line up is shaping up very nicely, already +25 acts I would really like to see. Bit sceptical wether we can still expect (many) bigger names though.
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