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  1. They are still on the regular friday too.
  2. Absolutely agree. So glad that I could see her again on LGW? where she gave one of the best performances I have ever seen.
  3. On the other side: They were absolutely amazing at BBK last year. Absolutely thrilled with the line up this year, it fits my taste so well.
  4. Some returning footage / overlap yes, but also some new stuff all the time. Lawrence le deux sounds real calming in the background here.
  5. Yes. youtube stream with spacey stuff and once in every few minute a few obscure (spanish) names so far. It's quite fun though, enough to see compared to rocket tease and cowboy tease.
  6. So The National, Massive Attack and Lana Del Rey? Sounds decent.
  7. Would love it tbh and was actually already hoping for her. Aslong as there are also things enough things like Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, Vampire Weekend, black midi, Kendrick, St. Vincent, Jenny Hval and lots of new things to discover. Diversity includes pop too, imoand Taylor is an icon of the last decade which I would never see live otherwise. I like the 'New Normal' as long as Gabi doesnt forget the roots either . Then again I also went to Charlie and Carly this year and loved them too so I may not average forum guy.
  8. I think you are confusing camping tickets with festival ticket (camping included). Though tickets were initailly like 200 Euros people are selling them much cheaper now due to horrible weather forecast.
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