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  1. I've just signed up. Thanks for sorting this out, let's hope it works out for all who need tickets!
  2. Siblin, is it too late to ask to be added to your list as well? We have all bar one ticket that we need for our group this year, any help would be hugely appreciated!
  3. I'm watching http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/content/extras
  4. Now you say it, that does ring a bell. The last eleven years have not been kind to my memory! Fortunatley, we both have tickets this year. Unfortunatley, three of our friends missed out so I'm still frantically F5ing! How does a newbie like me go about joining the whats app group?
  5. My other half got one in a last minute resale in 2004. Just as well she did, it's where we met!
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