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  1. Thanks for the updates guys, they are on the ball, they replied and resent the email a few minutes later! See you all there! 🍻
  2. Is anyone else still waiting for their eticket to show up? I just assumed i'd received it till I went to print it today and noticed I had the receipt email saying they'd send it nearer the time but it hasn't shown up. I've emailed the ticket address with the receipt, are they usually on the ball at replying from anyone's experience? I'm not actually leaving till the Thursday though I've still got a slight panic on!
  3. loaky

    Headliners 2015

    Excellent ta, that'd be better for me anyway. I just hope they stay Saturday and don't get too clashy with The Foo Fighters.
  4. loaky

    Headliners 2015

    People were saying Friday originally, though now the talk is mostly Saturday Other. I'd of preferred JP later on, they're one of those bands I can't imagine seeing in daylight.
  5. loaky

    Headliners 2015

    Refering to the wiki and other peoples mentions, are Suede definitely Friday, any evidence? I can see the only two headliners I want to see clashing on Friday!
  6. loaky

    Headliners 2015

    That is my biggest concern too, I'm so hoping they're Saturday clashing with Kanye!
  7. loaky

    Headliners 2015

    I was to the left of the mixing desk I think, maybe the front section was a more 'blur' crowd. I always pick the wrong places to stand!
  8. loaky

    Headliners 2015

    Maybe you were in a different part of the field to me in 2009 but I hated it. I had seen Blur at Glastonbury the week before though which maybe spoilt me. I thought the crowd was dire, no one seemed to be that fussed and there was too much 'attitude' and the number of cups that hit me on the head I honestly lost count. Being a big fan i'm silently hoping they play this year as I can't put myself through a hyde park ordeal again!
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