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  1. ciderlass

    Volunteering 2020

    I've considered volunteering for a while now and after this morning I'm going to go for it, think it will give me a totally new perspective on the festival and to be fair working inside the festival has got to better than working at my desk outside of it !
  2. ciderlass

    The Zone

    Been awake since 3.30am. Woke up in an actual sweat as I was dreamind I'd gotten through on my phone, but couldn't get the registration numbers in as i didn't have a copy paste thing on my phone. Actual nightmareish sweats! What is ticket day doing to me!
  3. ciderlass

    2020 headliners

    Haaa I saw Billie Piper at the pyramid stage at my first Glastonbury
  4. Same, was not a fan of that new white holding page either! just casually updating to say it was sold out...
  5. Well done lucky ones! Not a sniff here unfortunately, Sunday it is. Every year I seem to forget the frustration and stress it entails!
  6. ciderlass

    The Killers

    Looked ace on the telly. They were one of my dream headliners so was devastated to not get tickets this year (don't think I'll ever get over it either ?)
  7. Glad to hear crime is down. I got my bag stolen out my tent in 2015, and it really knocked my confidence in subsequent years...my bag was next to my head at the back of the tent so I was really unnerved at someone having been right over me. Perhaps though reading that tent theft was rife people just haven't reported it? Interestingly enough, my bag was found about 20 feet away with everything in bar the money and a tiny bottle of cheap shots!
  8. Oh I hope my phone is about to ring then...!
  9. Yeah winners contacted in 24 hours but then announced in coming days is how I took that. Fingers crossed for 24hours!
  10. Mallets cider are in progress for choosing their winners and will be contacting them in the next 24hrs (via twitter can't attach screenshot)! ?
  11. When does the Mallets competition get drawn?
  12. Imagine being the guy who it went to voicemail!! Have turned the radio off in disgust though as so devastated felt like that was the lasr chance ?
  13. Radio one word is "Wet" Text 81199 with Wet your name your age
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